Weekend Road Trip – The Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon


Well, another week has come and gone. Now, let’s load up the car, leave the city lights, noise, and smog behind us because it’s time for The Weekend Road Trip. This week we’re traveling to the south rim of The Grand Canyon, near Williams, Arizona.







* Next week we’ll be featuring some exciting guest bloggers:

Monday – author/attorney Leslie Budewitz

Tuesday – literary agent Janet Reid

Thursday –  author/police dispatcher Tracey Seybold

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  1. pabrown
    pabrown says:

    One of my big regrets from the time I lived in L.A. was not driving to the Grand Canyon. We drove to Los Vegas, but never made the side trip. Earlier I had spent a couple of weeks in Arizona, but didn’t drive at the time, so again never tried to get beyond Tucson or Scottsdale. One day…

  2. BeckyLevine
    BeckyLevine says:

    We took EVERY summer vacation in August when I was a kid. Was I happy when we went to the Pacific Northwest instead of the Southwest. And, yes, before you ask, I was one of those whiny kids the parents have to put up with.

  3. BeckyLevine
    BeckyLevine says:

    Peg H,

    Boy, this sounds like our family vacations. Is it any wonder my mom had a fear of heights? Or should I say fear of cameras & edges?!

    Gorgeous photos, Lee! I can’t remember it looking that beautiful when we were there–but maybe that’s because we went in August, and the sweat drippings were clouding my eyes!

  4. SweetieZ
    SweetieZ says:


    Unless Hotmail ever blows up, I have everything in outer space. My dinosaur is going to go some day, so I copy paste what is important and e mail it to myself.

  5. Peg H
    Peg H says:

    Last time I saw the Grand Canyon my father was telling us to back up so he could take our pictures and at that time there wasn’t a guardrail…”No, Dad. You back up! One more step and we’re over the edge!”

    I missed everyone for the last few days, my hard drive croaked. EEKS! Flash drives are wonderful things, didn’t lose a single word of my books!

  6. Terry
    Terry says:

    Sure, Lee — it’s in the 70’s now, only because it’s also in the middle of a thunderstorm. It’s been upper 80s. which is TOO HOT for April, IMHO.

  7. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Everyone knows Bill Cameron, right? His agent just landed him a nice deal for his new book, CHASING SMOKE.

    By the way, Bill’s agent, Janet Reid, will be blogging right here on The Graveyard Shift on Tuesday. If you don’t know Janet…well, do yourself a favor and stop by.

  8. Elena
    Elena says:

    A trip to the Grand Canyon was exacly where I would have gone right now if Scotty were still here to beam me up. Just to look out over that vast space calms my soul.

    I did try twice to get to the north rim, once mid June and then mid July – the approaches were still closed due to deep snow.

    Thanks for the great journey.

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