Weekend Road Trip: The Fishin’ Hole

A drive down a dirt road overgrown with tall weeds, honeysuckle, and goldenrod revealed an old water and rust-stained dam, a deserted factory engulfed in vines, and a secret fishing spot. In all the quiet it was easy to imagine smoke billowing from the stacks, water rushing over the dam, and a line of workers standing in line to punch a time clock. Nevermore.

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  1. HEphron
    HEphron says:

    Hey,Lee —

    It was a GREAT Bouchercon…but I have to just make sure it’s clear to any outside observers that in that photo with Rhys I am drinking coffee, because I sure look like I’m high on something.

    Your panel was terrific.

    – Hallie

  2. Bobby M
    Bobby M says:

    Great pics on this one, Lee. I’m glad that pic in front of the Poe room turned out okay 🙂 It was good seeing you there and I’ll hopefully see you at CrimeBake. Oh, and Edgar is also pleased with the pic.

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