Weekend Road Trip: Texas Drug Bust

Texas Drug Bust


A very alert Texas state trooper stopped this Department of Transportation pickup truck on I-10 near San Antonio.

An ordinary work truck, right?

Nothing here except the normal roadside emergency equipment.

Not quite.

The payload in this truck was originally planned as a payoff for the Mexican drug dealers who went to a lot of trouble disguising their delivery truck.

A raid on drug dealer’s house in Mexico produced the following:

*Photos sent to us from Paul Beecroft, coroner’s investigator in England. Neither of us are sure of the origin of the images, therefore we’re unable to give proper credit to the photographer. For now, we’ll just have to say, “Thanks.”

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  1. JKidd
    JKidd says:

    We should use this money to feed the poor and hungry-or for health care for those without.

    No wonder the economy is all messed up.

  2. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    We’ve been experiencing technical troubles with the blog for the past three days. The website team is on it and hopes to have the problem corrected soon. Please bear with us. Thanks.

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