Weekend Road Trip: It’s Time For A 200 Word Short Story Contest

It's Time For A 200 Word Short Story Contest

The Curse

I waited impatiently after shoving my quarter into the slot. After all, she’d never been wrong before. I heard the coin tumbling through the mechanism, finally striking the empty metal container below.

Suddenly, her world-in-a-box came alive. Her arms moved spastically, her hand lingering over first one card then another before her index finger stopped over the death card. The same card, every time. I felt her marble eyes glaring at me.

My buddies guffawed loudly, and playfully punched my arms. “Oh man, you’re gonna die, Frankie,” teased my shift partner, Irv Finnegan.

“Yeah, right,” I said. “Let’s go, guys. The Sarge will be looking for us.”

“Hey,” said Irv. “Cops gotta eat, too. We can’t help it if we like boardwalk food. Besides, I think Freddie here has the hots for that plaster gypsy.” He pointed to the animated fortune teller in her now darkened booth. The time I’d bought with my twenty-five cents was up.

I wondered if Patty, my ex-wife, would ever forgive me for the curse. Probably not. She hated that box. Too bad. She shouldn’t have cheated on me.

I twirled my nightstick in a wide loop as I walked away, whistling.

* It was nearly one year ago when we ran our first 200 word short story contest. The next contest is just around the corner. Check back for details. You won’t want to miss this one!

By the way, the story above is mine. The real entries are always much better. You guys can really write!

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  1. Mary/Earth2Mary
    Mary/Earth2Mary says:

    Yay! I love 200 word contests! I can’t believe the first one was a year ago.

    And Jena, ALL good books and stories start with “What if…” Although that can be a curse and a blessing in itself sometimes lol

  2. puzzlehouse
    puzzlehouse says:

    I have to thank you, Lee, for running this contest last year. The photo reminded me of a joke I’d heard about a fortune teller, and my brain said, “What if…?” and the next thing I knew, I had a fictional murder all plotted out. It’s coming along slowly but surely, and I hope to have the novel finished soon.

    Thanks again!


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