Weekend Road Trip: Crime 360


The entire first season of Crime 360 will be available for the first time on DVD on Tuesday December, 16, 2008. Crime 360 is part of A&E TV’s line up of police/forensic reality television, such as The First 48 and Cold Case Files.

Anyone who’s ever attended any of my workshops and classes knows that I’m not a fan of many of the cop-type shows because of the absurd manner in which the networks portray crime-scene investigations, investigators, and forensics techniques. But, those of you who’ve heard me speak also know that I’ve always praised the show The First 48 for it’s very accurate portrayal of police detectives and how they actually conduct their investigations. Well, Crime 360 is another show I highly recommend for viewers who want to see how detectives solve homicides.

Why is all this so important to Graveyard Shift readers? Well, I’m pleased to announce and that A&E Television, Crime 360, and The Graveyard Shift are putting our heads together for a very special event especially for readers of this blog.

Check back often for details and a chance to win DVDs of the entire first season of Crime 360. Also, 360 Executive Producer, Laura Fleury, will be guest blogging on The Graveyard Shift next week.

By the way, all the A&E True Crime series on iTunes are on sale. For the next week (ending the 16th) you can download episodes of the following programs for only 99 cents per episode:

The First 48, Best of Seasons 1-4
Crime 360, Season 1
A&E SWAT, Season 3
Jacked!, Season 1

Click here for details and to visit Crime 360’s website. While you’re there please be sure to view the Crime 360 Top Videos. They are actual videos of forensic experts conducting DNA extractions from evidence, using narcocics field test kits, using Superglue to develop fingerprints, forensic entomology, and much, much more. This is great stuff for writers!

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  1. Joyce Tremel
    Joyce Tremel says:

    Lee, we might break down and get a dish. We’re thinking about getting a big-ass flat screen TV after Christmas (depending on how much the prices go down). There’s no point in having a TV like that for only a couple of channels, right?

  2. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Joyce – We’ve have DirectTV for years and have been quite satisfied. The cost isn’t any better than cable, but with it we can have satellite TV when we travel in our RV simply by taking one of the boxes with us (we have a portable dish on the RV).

    Elena – I’m pleased the folks over at A&E approached us to participate in the launch of their new series. I’m also anxious to start giving away DVDs.

  3. Joyce Tremel
    Joyce Tremel says:

    Very exciting, Lee!

    One of the few things I miss by only having the most basic cable you can get ($13/month), is seeing some of these shows. But it does leave more time for writing.

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