Weekend Road Trip: Cambridge Cops, Controversy, and Kate’s Mystery Books

Police Sergeant Crowley                     

There is a simple way to report, comment, and write about the unfortunate incident involving police Sergeant Crowley. Don’t do, write, or say anything until you have all the facts. To say the Cambridge, Ma. police acted stupidly was a stupid thing to say unless you were there or saw a video of the event. Maybe the president knew something we didn’t. I don’t know.

The same is true for Professor Gates. To say he did anything wrong without first verifying the facts is also wrong. I have an idea – a good idea – of how things went, but I’ll keep that thought to myself.

I say we all wait until the facts are in, the videos and audio tapes are examined, and the stories are verified before uttering another word about this. For now, let’s let President Obama, the police sergeant, and Professor Gates have their beer and hash things out. We have more important things to worry about –  a real Cambridge tragedy. Kate’s Mystery Books is closing on August 1st.


What other bookstore could boast of such high-profile customers and friends like Stephen King and Robert B. Parker? And speaking of Robert B. Parker (a Cambridge area resident), he installed some of the shelving in the store (there’s a shiny brass plate on the shelving that reads Built by Robert B. Parker, or something like that).

Kate’s has an atmosphere that exudes mystery. A couple years ago, I had the honor of speaking to a standing room only crowd at Kate’s that included some pretty darn famous authors. The event was one of my most memorable. It’s not often one gets to stand among such great talent, in a building with such a wonderful history.

It’s no secret that I wasn’t a big fan of living in Boston, but I did like visiting Kate’s.

By the way, stop by Kate’s on August 1st. She hosting a packing party and will be offering books for as little as $1.

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  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    I just hate to hear that Kate’s is closing. I don’t think ‘mega’ (aka dumbing down) everything is healthy for soul or brain.

  2. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    Lee, I agree everyone should “wait and see” what happens.

    People always want to draw conclusions without waiting for ALL facts to emerge. That is never good.

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