The Fast Way To Recreate A Crime Scene: No Measuring Required!

The fast way

Finally, your protagonists can leave their tape measures, rulers, and graph paper in the trunks of their cars. Yes, thanks to a company called Leica Geosystems, law enforcement now has the capability to “scan” a crime scene in mere minutes, instead of the many hours they used to spend measuring and photographing.

Detectives set up a three dimensional laser scanner, switch it on, and the device does all the work, creating the scene in animated 3D. The re-creations and measurements are so accurate that they’re 100% approved for use in court testimony. In fact, the Kentucky State Police recently added one to their “toolbox.”

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  1. Texanne
    Texanne says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, now that you mention it. Leica is into optics, and everybody’s into radar/sonar/whatar. I think this would be a lot easier for juries to understand–defense attorneys are going to hate it! Yow!

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