The Execution of Cop-Killer Andrew Brannan

Execution of cop killer Andrew Brannan

At 8:33 p.m. last night, Andrew Brannan took his last breath. He died by lethal injection at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison. It was 17 years and one day after Brannan brutally killed 22-year-old Deputy Kyle Dinkheller.

On the day of his murder, Deputy Dinkheller’s wife was pregnant with their second child. Their first child, a daughter, was 22-months old.

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Deputy Kyle Dinkheller

Deputy Dinkheller’s fatal encounter with his killer began when he stopped Vietnam veteran Andrew Brannan for driving nearly 100 mph. Minutes later Brannan pulled a rifle from his truck and began firing at the deputy. He charged forward, laying down cover fire as he went, and when he ran out of ammunition he reloaded and fired even more rounds into Deputy Dinkheller’s body.

The video below is from the dash cam in Dinkheller’s patrol car. It shows how quickly the situation escalated from a simple traffic stop to cold-blooded murder, and it shows raw emotion and fear. It also shows how vulnerable police officers are to attack and how there’s often no real time to think or formulate a plan for survival.

You’ll have questions after viewing, and you’ll most likely wonder why the deputy took such a long time before firing his service weapon.

Unfortunately, it was reported that Deputy Dinkheller’s supervisor had recently reprimanded him for being too quick to draw his weapon. If this was the case, then his boss’s words had to be on the deputy’s mind in the moments before he was gunned down. Was the reprimand the reason he paused before attempting to terminate the threat to his life? We’ll never know. But probably so.

I’ve said it time and time again in police academies and on this site…a moment’s hesitation could mean the difference between living and dying.

The images within the video are graphic and the audio is extremely haunting and distressing.

This is not a video game, nor is it a work of fiction.

You are about to witness the actual murder of a police officer.