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  1. Rick Bylina
    Rick Bylina says:

    I guess I’m starting to cross over that line where I’m not fearing the apocalyptic end much any longer (and zombies don’t can’t because they don’t exist). That being said, I do well on the preparedness meter other than firearms. For that, I have my militant neighbors. 🙂

  2. Lori L. Lake
    Lori L. Lake says:

    For all the tongue in cheek commentary above, the author is still right on regarding many aspects of survival. We all seem to take for granted that we’re well-protected and generally safe when, at any moment, any number of disasters could occur that affect thousands, if not millions, of people. (Think: Hurricane Katrina or the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster or the Japanese Tsunami.)

    People are remarkably unprepared for severe inclement weather or even for a three-day power outage. Most people don’t have adequate supplies to provide water, edible food, or even LIGHT for their households! Sitting hungry and thirsty (and probably sick) in pitch dark waiting for a storm to pass or for marauders to go away isn’t a very pleasant prospect.

    Our government is abysmally prepared and despite the presence of Homeland Security, has done absolutely nothing to prepare the populace for any kind of short-term issue, much less long-term problems. If you have a Neighborhood Watch, that’s a good place to encourage people to make at least a MINIMUM of safety and security precautions in case of emergency.

    The article above lists out lots of simple materials you could have on hand to assist you in survival, but they did leave out one critical item: A Can Opener!
    😉 Lori L. Lake

  3. Pat Brown
    Pat Brown says:

    The best book I’ve read on survival is “The disaster diaries : how I learned to stop worrying and love the apocalypse” by Sam Sheridan. It includes both zombies and invading aliens.

    It’s also a great source of information on the reality of survival scenarios — the author actually went through actual survival training and has some especially interesting things to say about guns in the apocalypse and the very real stresses and its affect on people and groups of people, including families.

    The best fiction books I’ve ever read on the subject is the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant. It also gives a lot of advice on how to survive zombies. EG Watch all of George Romeros Living Dead movies and take notes. 🙂

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