Steubenville Sexual Assault: A Disgusting Crime

Steubenville sexual assault

Nearly fifty Steubenville, Ohio teenagers gathered to celebrate the end of summer. Some would soon begin their college years, while others would see more time in high school.

Alcohol, and plenty of it, was at the center of the informal party. And, as usual when too much beer and liquor are mixed with teens, trouble wasn’t very far away. Only this time the trouble came in the form of a sexual assault on an intoxicated 16-year-old girl. An assault that went on for several hours while others looked on.

Some party-goers photographed the assault(s). Others recorded the actions on video. And, after all was said and done, some even urinated on the unconscious girl. No one, not a single person, attempted to stop the actions of the young men who so cold-heartedly violated the girl. Could it be that people today are so desensitized to violence that they saw this as entertainment? Unfortunately, that seems to be the case.

Information, photos, and videos of the sickening crime quickly found their way onto social media, which finally led to the arrest of two high school football players. They were each charged with kidnapping and rape.

Adding to the horrific details of this night is a disturbing video made by some of the teens who witnessed the assault(s). In it, the teens make jokes about the victim and the things done to her by the young men at the party. One of the teens in the video actually talks about the victim as if she’d died during the assault(s), which is even more appalling.

It truly is disgusting to learn that people see humor in such a vile action. And this is one case where words alone can’t do enough to describe the recording. So here’s the video. Warning, the language is sexual in nature, graphic, and not definitely not suitable for young ears (video leaked by Anonymous).


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  1. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    Thank gooodness the videos were leaked so that the public can know about these monsters & maybe some people be saved from these specific villains by recognizing voices, etc. The media cheerfully invades the privacy of so many for their entertainment value and yet is completely silent about the monster “parents” that created these unsocialized creatures. What are the “parents” histories? Are they monsters too just before social media let us know or were they off to work without bothering to have anyone raise these boys? How long has Steubenville been this bad? A long-term research study of the history of violence in this town would be of great interest.

  2. Pat Brown
    Pat Brown says:

    “If it was my own daughter I wouldn’t care”???

    I hope some of the people who know these creatures gives them plenty of exposure. Let their parents and other people who know them can see their disgusting behaviour.

    But unfortunately this is a tiny tip of the global ice berg. There are people posting photos and videos of animals being tortured and killed. There are people who will email or use social media to get in touch with the families of accident victims and suicides. We seem to becoming anaesthetized and have lost all sense of empathy. Some of us are barely human any more.

  3. Sasscer Hill
    Sasscer Hill says:

    Justice would be to throw them in prison, have them butt raped repeatedly, and release a video of their degradation with the onlookers laughing as they make low-level IQ jokes.

  4. Joe Prentis
    Joe Prentis says:

    Something is definitely wrong with the gene pool that we are able to produce people like this. I think it is time to weed out some of them. I hope they have a jury that will do their duty. I am reminded of a disappearance of a young woman in my area. Some of he guys that dated her seem to think her disappearance is funny, and they have posted their feelings on various social media. I just hope in this instance, that some clever lawyer won’t be able to get this video suppressed in court.

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