It’s In The Cards

Top 2017 Predictions

Zelda did a reading for us this morning and she’s confident 2013 will be a fantastic year. Here’s a list of her top ten predictions. Believe me, she’s always right.

1. The Beatles will not record a new album.

2. There will be snowfall in some areas of the country. Sun will shine in others.

3. Lindsay Lohan will see time in a courtroom.

4. The rich will continue to make money. The poor…not so much.

5. Auto-tune will record a number one CD without human assistance.

7. Sometime during the year Christina Aguilera will wear a low-cut top and too much makeup.

8. Twinkies will be saved from extinction.

9. Taylor Swift will part ways with a boyfriend and will write a song about the breakup.

10. The 2013 Writers’ Police Academy will be the biggest and best ever.

So there you have it. Looks like a great year for all.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Wil A. Emerson
    Wil A. Emerson says:

    And we all with eat ice cream at some time in the year, whether we swear we won’t or not! Love the predictions, especially Writers Police Academy in 2013…let’s hope dates don’t clash!

  2. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    Like the forecasts thanks for the laughter always a good thing. And thanks for sharing all your knowledge on the loop may 2013 be awesome for you.

  3. Jason Leisemann
    Jason Leisemann says:

    I dunno, not so hot a year for the poor….

    And honestly, I’m starting to think AutoTune may have already done so. After all, when *was* the last time anybody saw some of those pop starlets in person…?

  4. SZ
    SZ says:

    She failed to mention that Lee Loflands The Graveyard Shift will continue to be read and loved by thousands and get new readers !

  5. Ann Bennett
    Ann Bennett says:

    I was thinking your gypsy was too young and pretty to be any good. But, these predictions are the best ones ever. I bet they all happen. LOL Thanks for the chuckle.

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