Shock Trauma Plates: They’re Lifesavers

Shock Trauma plate inserts for bullet resistant vests are available in various levels of protection. The inserts fit into a pocket on the front center of the bullet resistant material (Kevlar).

This is an actual front Kevlar panel. The trauma plate pocket is clearly visible in the center of the material. A trauma plate similar to the ones pictured above is inserted into the pocket for maximum protection. The plates in the image at the top of the page are American Body Armor Impac S.T. plates. American Body Armor plates are made from a composite material, unlike traditional steel plates. Composite plates are 10 times stronger than their steel counterparts. They’re also superior to the soft-type S.T. plate. This special American Body Armor material is designed to trap rounds rather than allowing bullets to shatter and fragment. The material is also designed to stop rounds up front, allowing no penetration whatsoever.

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  1. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    I knew a guy who put two shock plates in his vest.

    Sorta’ paranoid.

    We used to accuse him of having bullet-proof socks. 🙂

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