SCRAMx: Alcohol Monitoring and House Arrest

SCRAMx: Alcohol Monitoring and House Arrest

In the past, monitoring both an offender’s house arrest and alcohol consumption has been a problem for authorities. The individuals often reported to the office of a supervising official for random alcohol testing or the supervisor had to travel to the home to collect samples. The same was true for supervising someone serving mandatory house arrest. Needless to say, this was time-consuming and quite costly for taxpayers.

A SCRAMx device is the perfect solution to the difficulties associated with alcohol offender monitoring. The device is attached to the offender’s ankle which automatically tests and records alcohol consumption while simultaneously tracking the individuals whereabouts.

A base station then transmits the information to the monitoring company. The base is also designed to deliver messages, such as appointment dates and times.

The results are transferred to the supervising agent (probably probation and parole) who can act accordingly. Violations of house arrest conditions are immediately reported to the supervising agents.

Likely candidates for the SCRAMx device are:

– Individuals arrested and/or convicted of alcohol-related offenses.

– Those who have aggravated circumstances surrounding their crime.

– Criminals who may be a danger to themselves and/or the community.

*Offenders are normally required to pay the costs associated with SCRAMx monitoring.