Richard Castle: Hedge Fund Homeboys


This week’s episode of Castle, Hedge Fund Homeboys, was a mix of good and bad police procedure. But the show still delivered a fair bit of entertainment, if you could bear watching a medical examiner who’s character is so awful she’d be booted off the set of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Spoiler Alert!

Lets get right to it. A teen’s body was found in a rowboat, in the Lake in Central Park. The kid had been shot once in the chest.

1) The medical examiner is seen standing in knee deep water, reaching into the boat feeling the victim’s neck – several times. What the hell was she doing? And why was she standing in the water to do it?

Simon says, “No way!” Not even Paula Abdul would be this goofy.

2) The entire time the M.E. was palpating the dead teen like a pastry chef kneading dough, some guy was frantically mopping the boat seat with a fingerprint brush. He looked like he was painting a barn. Who was he? The medical examiner’s investigators don’t dust for prints. And if they did, they’d know how. I hate to say it, but I think I’d rather see Paula Abdul playing the part of the M.E. She makes more sense…Straight Up.

3) Detective Beckett conducted a pretty decent interview with the drug dealer.

Good scene.

4) One of the teens who was present when the boy was shot described what happened when the bullet hit the kid’s body. She said, “His body crumbled to the ground.” Excellent description, because that’s what happens. People DO NOT fly backwards when hit by bullets. If there were that much force behind the round the shooter would experience the same reaction. He’d also fly backwards.

Good information!

5) Several potential murder suspects were questioned, at length, without being advised of Miranda.

This is a sure-fire way to lose a case. They should have been advised of their rights. I know the writers knew better, because Beckett advised one kid of his rights later in the show.

6) A suspect’s attorney was allowed inside his client’s jail cell. Also allowed inside the cell were Detective Beckett and Castle.

No way. The prisoner would be brought out to an interview room. Attorneys have been known to bring annoying little things to their clients, such as guns and drugs. And after seeing this totally doofus attorney, I’m sure he’d deliver both. Oh, and Beckett still had her gun on her side. Police officers are not permitted to bring their weapons inside a jail or prison.

7) Beckett is questioning a suspect in her home, in front of her parents, where she grabs the girl’s purse and dives in looking for evidence. Her comment, “I could get a warrant.” Well, I have news for her. Without permission to search the purse she needed that warrant to perform the search.

I wasn’t feeling this one, Dawg. Not at all.

8) Beckett tells someone she needs a photo to accompany an APB (All Points Bulletin) I believe that acronym has been replaced everywhere by BOLO (Be On The Lookout). I don’t know of any agency that still uses it.

9) Beckett is seen filling out paperwork. Good. That’s a huge portion of the job. BUT, she tells Castle she’s completing the forms to dismiss a suspect’s murder charges. Well, Detective B., that’s up to the prosecuting attorney to handle. Cops just cuff ’em and stuff ’em. They don’t let have the power to let them go.

10) Beckett is seen raking a murder suspect over the coals, and she did it with the suspect’s attorney sitting next to him. No way an attorney would allow anything even remotely close to this. This one made about as much sense as…

All in all, I still liked the show. Although, I’m still waiting for the next poker game.

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*I’m guest blogging over at Terry Odell’s site today. Please stop by to see why I say, It’s Not All Donuts and Paperwork.


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  1. jenifer
    jenifer says:

    I just finished watching Monday’s show. There was plenty to like, and much that you mentioned to roll eyes at.

    But my favorite part? When Castle averted his eyes while watching the video when the kid got shot. He’s a mystery writer and anxious to follow a homicide detective around, but he still sees that real person died and didn’t want to witness it. I really, really liked that.

  2. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    By the way, when the Idol judges come over to your house on Monday night to watch the show, does Paula jump up and clap when the bad guy gets busted?

    Just curious.

  3. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    Hi, Lee.

    Again, your Castle analysis is very entertaining. It’s nice to see someone take on the Hollywood style of law enforcement, from which many viewers get a lot pf bad information.

    One question on item one – did they ever explain a cause of death or contributing factor that would have explained why the ME had felt around the throat?

    I’d also add ref. #9 – you’re right that officers can’t “drop charges” once charges have been filed through the court. Only the judge can do that, mostly at the request of the prosecuting attorney, or district attorney – depending on what they are called in that jurisdiction.

    One of these days, I’m going to have to violate my moratorium on police shows and watch this one. Or I could just read your analysis, Lee. I’d get better factual information.

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