Researching Cops: Books of the Trade

Topics include officer safety, emergency care to injured, securing and controlling the scene, search methods, scene documentation and photography. Also introduces a tried and true 18 step crime scene processing methodology based on the author’s experience in the field.

Step by step guide through procedures, tactics and forensic techniques used in sudden death and violent death investigations.

Covers steps necessary to recognize, document, process, collect, package, preserve and safeguard potential evidence.

Covers theories and practices in DNA testing, toxicology, chemistry of explosives and arson, and vehicle accident reconstruction.

Emphasizes essential procedures, combines detailed techniques with instructive case studies, and outlines the foundation on which to build a solid prosecutable case.

Provides information on cold case reconstruction, investigative techniques, and case reviews.

Provides law enforcement investigators and forensic scientists with a complete resource manual to assist in crime scene identification, criminal investigation, and prosecution of occult crime.

Presenting background information in computer and information systems and their use in the cyber environment. Supplies information needed to collect and preserve electronic evidence from an individual computer, a network, a telephone system, or personal electronic device that will stand up in a court of law. Includes checklists on how evidence should be handled as well as policies and recommendations for the frequency of protocol evaluations.

View of forensic science including areas of pathology, ontology, anthropology, entomology, computer crime, arson investigation, engineering, and psychology.

Everything from the classic cyanide and strychnine to household poisons, deadly plants, insects, snakes, medicine, industrial poisons, street drugs, chemical and biological weapons, and much more.

An insider’s view of each area of forensics-from the crime scene to the autopsy and everything in between.

This guide provides insight into a cop’s world: the terminology used by police officers; an in-depth look at the tools of the trade; legal terms; courtroom terminology; jail, gang, and convict slang; street talk; drug information; and tons of other useful information. Perfect for learning why and how cops do what they do, this book is the next best thing to having a police detective personally assigned to the reader.