Recipe for the Perfect Villain: Stir Until Plot Thickens

The new grocery store sales flyers are now available and the deals this week are spectacular. In fact, the selections are especially wonderful for writers hoping to spice up their current villains.

So travel past the melons, the seafood, eggs, bacon, and English Muffins, and then take the turn on the far side of the toilet tissue aisle and that’s where you’ll find the real bargains of the week—the ingredients to concoct THE perfect villain.

And, to help out, here’s a tasty recipe to add to your file.

Hurry, we can’t wait to see how your next “dish” turns out!

Orange Brown Icon General Recipe Card by Lee Lofland

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  1. susanoleksiw
    susanoleksiw says:

    Very clever, but you left out envy–the one quality no act of kindness, reason, or fear can overcome. Envy is perhaps more destructive than psychosis.

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