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Strike Three – Two Honolulu, Hawaii police officers were recently arrested in Las Vegas for possession of marijuana. The officers, Kevin Fujioka, a seasoned officer of 13 years, and Shayne Souza, a 20 year veteran, were in town for a police and firefighter softball tournament when they were nabbed by their peers.


When approached by the Vegas cops the off-duty offenders sped off in their white van, leading the local boys in blue on a short pursuit. Fujioka was charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a narcotic. Souza was also charged with resisting arrest. He was also on the receiving end of a blast of pepper spray during his attempt to resist. It’s not known if the Hawaii department will be invited to return for the 2010 games.

Boo Hoo – A child began to cry while riding a mall carousel. The ride operator then attempted to pacify the distraught child, but an off-duty Chicago police officer had a better solution. He lifted his shirt and displayed his pistol to the employee and said, “Do you want me to take care of the problem for you?”

The officer failed to identify himself as a police officer and that he was joking. So…the ride operator called the police, who promptly arrested the gun-brandisher. The incident is currently under investigation by Internal Affairs. Oh, the off-duty knucklehead was riding a carousel dolphin at the time of the offense.

Reach For The Sky, Rover – A task force consisting of FBI, DEA, LAPD, and the LASD raided a California medical marijuana growing operation. During the raid officers arrested the owner, detained patients, and employees. They used sledgehammers to break sheetrock, searching the interior of the walls for cash and other evidence. Officers also shot the business owner’s dog. The activity took place beneath the watchful eye of police air support.


Move Over Soccer Mom, Tazer Moms Are Taking Over – A New York police officer deployed his Taser on a young woman while her kids sat in the car watching. The officer stopped the female driver for talking on her cell phone. She says she wasn’t using a phone and can prove it. The officer then stated the woman was speeding, another offense she denies.

The woman, anxious to express her feelings about the situation, and to hopefully see the video, got our of her van. The officer ordered her back inside. She climbed back into her vehicle and then he ordered her out, grabbing her arm. After pulling the woman outside, the officer fired his Taser, twice.


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