Police News: Murder, Tasers, and a Happy Meal

Prince George’s County, Maryland – Two men, Cyril Cornelius Williams, 27, and Anthony A Milton, 28, have been arrested and charged in connection with the murder of Maryland State Police Trooper Wesley Brown.

Cyril Williams

Police believe Williams had been upset because Trooper Brown, who was working as an off-duty private security officer at the time, had kicked him out of an Applebees restaurant for being disorderly. Apparently, Williams and Milton waited until the trooper got off work and then ambushed him in the parking lot.

Newberry, South Carolina – Gregory Collins (above) has been charged with the murder of his chicken processing plant coworker, Anthony Hill. The two men had spent the day together, hanging out. Then, sometime after the day turned into night, Collins shot and killed Hill. He then tied Hill’s body to the back of his pickup truck and drug him for over ten miles, until the rope snapped. Collins left his friend’s body in the roadway near an elementary school. A crew was dispatched to clean the long, foot-wide stain from the highway.

Mt. Pleasant, Texas – A five-year veteran of the Mt. Pleasant police department has been arrested for selling firearms to an illegal alien who’d been indicted on felony criminal charge. K-9 officer Joshua Hatfield was arrested by a federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent and a Texas Ranger.

Harris County, Texas – A man died during a traffic stop after being tasered by a Harris County deputy. During the stop the man struck the deputy in the chest and began running away. The deputy caught the man and fired his Taser as a means to terminate the situation.

Corpus Cristi, Texas – Due to budget cuts the city is shutting the doors to the police academy until 2012. That means no new officers for quite a while, but jobs are safe for the officers who’re already patrolling the streets.

Anne Arundel County, Md. – A police detective working a rape case turned to McDonalds for her crime-solving answers. She had a gut feeling about a suspect, but couldn’t pin the rape on him. No evidence. All the detective needed was a sample of the thug’s DNA to prove her theory, so she arrested the guy for an old outstanding warrant. As soon as she got him in jail the deputy bought the suspect a happy meal. Well, after finishing his burger, fries, and soft drink, the deputy collected the food and drink containers, from which the lab was able to collect a nice sample of DNA. Bazinga! The DNA was a match to the DNA found at the scene.

Tyngsboro, Ma. – Police Chief William Mulligan received a tip that one of his officers, Ronald Goulet, was spending a lot of his patrol time parked in his own driveway. In fact, it was reported that the officer spent so much time at home when he was supposed to be working, that he often had to scrape the ice from his windshield before heading back to the office. So, the chief had a GPS tracker installed on Officer Goulet’s patrol car. The result? Data from the device indicated that in eight days the officer had spent 39.5 hours parked in his own driveway, which translates into only three hours of actual patrol time each shift. The officer resigned after being confronted with the data.