Do It Yourself Crime Scene Investigation

Crime Scene Investigations: A Picture Of Death


Crime scene investigators have a huge assortment of tools at their disposal. Sure, we’ve all seen the TV shows where detectives use fancy lights and magic wands to lead them to the mysterious killer of the week. But in real life the tools are quite a bit different. Yep, they’re practical, but still pretty cool. And they’re cheap! Such as…

Remember the last time the cops dusted your light switches for fingerprints? What a mess. Black powder everywhere! Next time ask the boys in blue to make a wall protector using a piece of cardboard. Better still, make one for each switch in your house and keep them in a drawer. Then, the next time the CSI team shows up to investigate, you’re all set. No walls to scrub down.

No time to bend over when entering your favorite murder scene? Here’s the answer. This handy device—the step-n-go—allows today’s detective to simply step into a protective shoe covering and keep walking. Perfect for the investigator who simply doesn’t have the time to stand still even for a second.

Can’t get to the pesky fingerprint that’s trapped inside a piece of wadded tape? A quick trip to Radio Shack can solve that problem. Pick up a can of Component Spray and squirt some on the tape.

And there you go—the tape comes apart.

The spray freezes the tape to approximately -65 degrees. Do NOT touch the tape with your bare hands. Another trick is to place the tape inside a freezer for several hours.


What do you do with those old unwanted CD’s?

Toss them into your camera bag for the rainy day homicide. That’s right, it can a real pain to keep your camera tripod steady when the ground is muddy. So, place an old cd under each leg and your problem is solved. Works like a charm.

5 replies
  1. Elena
    Elena says:

    Don’t know Lee, tried them on my cats and they still won’t tell me which one broke my ocarina.

    Probably because I didn’t have any crime scene tape.

  2. Dave Swords
    Dave Swords says:

    Hi, Lee.

    I think you have to be careful with Milli Vanilli CDs, though.

    They tend to evaporate into nothingness rather easily. 🙂

  3. queenofmean
    queenofmean says:

    The CD’s for tripod stabilizers is a great idea. I’m sure they’s also work on uneven soccer fields. Many times while taking the team pictures, I had to move my tripod around until I found a good spot.

  4. Dave Freas
    Dave Freas says:

    Some neat things here. I especially liked the old CD as tripod stabilizers.

    Any chance you could assemble all these tips and tricks in one spot?

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