Police News: Cops, Crooks, and Crazies

An El Paso medical examiner was fired after officials learned that he’d lied about his degree and was not eligible for board certification. Fortunately, a death penalty case in which he had testified, has now been recommended to be overturned. The prisoner was scheduled for execution on July 1.

UK – A taxi driver went on a shooting rampage killing 12 people and wounding 11 others before eventually killing himself.

Baltimore – Eight murders over the three day Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Colorado Springs – Remodeling contractors found the body of a young girl in the crawl space of house. Police took DNA samples and are now searching for the last occupants of the home.

On The Border – Border patrol agents used a stun gun during the arrest of a man entering the country illegally. The man died and the medical examiner has ruled the death as a homicide. An autopsy revealed the presence of illegal drugs in the man’s system.

Secret Service officers struggle with two men who refused to get out of the street to allow President Obama’s motorcade pass. The president was returning to The White House from a school event for one of his daughters.

Laredo, Texas – Police stopped a truck containing a very large supply of assault weapons, bayonets, and ammunition. The driver of truck had been transporting the illegal weapons to Mexico.

Pennsylvania – A Kennett Square police officer is in jail awaiting trial for sexual assault. His bond was set at $2 million.

Seminole County, Fl. – An apartment complex security guard flagged down a patrol officer to report a suspicious person. The officer spoke with the suspect who then drew a gun and shot the officer. The officer is doing well and is expected to recover. The suspect remains at large.

Border Patrol photo

South Texas – Border Patrol agents seized a truck disguised as a sheriff’s office vehicle. The driver, who was dressed as a deputy sheriff, had been attempting to smuggle a load of marijuana across the border from Mexico.

* This has been a great week. We have no reports of fallen officers.

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