Police Driving Simulator: Writers’ Police Academy 2011

Police Driving Simulator: Writers' Police Academy 2011


Just when you thought FATS and VirTra training were the hottest things around, the Writers’ Police Academy has gotten our grubby little paws on a driving simulator for the 2011 event. WPA cadets will once again have their nerves placed on edge as they maneuver through city streets at high speeds while chasing murder suspects and bank robbers. What’s it like to conduct a felony traffic stop? How about driving really fast, at night, in the rain, with lights and siren going full blast?

Wrap around plasma screens offer a true life-like experience that’s just like sitting behind the wheel of a police car, fire truck, or ambulance.

Have you got what it takes to drive the WPA Interceptor? We’ll see. And the driving simulator is just an appetizer…



Writers’ Police Academy

September 23-25, 2011

Jamestown, N.C.

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