Personal Defense: Handgun Shooting Tips

Personal Defense: Handgun shooting tips


We, the Writers’ Police Academy staff, are extremely pleased to introduce you to Johann Boden. Johann, a law enforcement Specialist-Technical Lead at Federal Premium/Speer Ammunition, is a renowned expert in the terminal ballistics field. He is also a go-to expert resource for law enforcement agencies needing research/problem resolution in weapon/ammunition interface and function issues.

Johann has joined the already extremely impressive lineup of instructors for the 2016 Writers’ Police Academy. He’ll be presenting workshops on ballistics.

Click on the video below to view a presentation Johann recorded for North American Hunter—Handgun Shooting Tips—Personal Defense.

Born and raised in Germany, Johann Boden entered Bundeswehr (German Army) as student in Militaerakademie (college program comparable with ROTC/Military Academy) and joined air assault unit. He volunteered and was accepted for a newly formed unit under auspices of Grenzschutzgruppe 5 & 9 (GSG9) to address the anarchist and terrorist insurgence in West Germany at that time, mainly consisting of the Baader Meinhof group, Brigade Rosso (Red Brigade) and Palestinian Fatah (Terrorist unit led by Yassir Arafat, widely held responsible for ’72 Munich Olympics terror attacks).

Johann emigrated to the US in 1986 after successful career and threat resolution in Germany. He married, immigrated and then naturalized US Citizen as part of the Taft Act before deploying to Operation Desert Storm and Desert Shield with the USMC. He was educated in Germany, holding Collegiate degree commensurate with B.A./B.S. in US.

 *Registration for the 2016 Writers’ Police Academy is scheduled for mid February. Date and time to be announced very soon.