Online Class in Police Procedure and Crime Scene Investigation

Online Class


We here at The Graveyard Shift have been toying with the idea of teaching an online course in Police Procedure and Crime Scene Investigation. I’m curious if there’d be any interest before I start this massive ball rolling. Some of the classes that could be available are:

Interview and Interrogation
How To Think Like A Detective
Police: What They Do and Why
DNA: From Collection Through Testing: It’s Not A Perfect Science
Officer Survival
Weapons Retention and Disarming

Homicide Investigation
Undercover Investigations: What’s It’s Like To Live Under An Assumed Identity
Crime Scene Investigations
Autopsy and Embalming
High-Tech Crimes
Defensive Tactics For Writers


I’m also going to be teaching a Writers Police Academy at the gym in my house beginning in January. Anyone in the New England area who’s interested in attending please contact me. I need a virtual show of hands. We’ll be holding an open house in the near future (complete with refreshments) where I’ll be discussing the available classes. I’ll also be giving a presentation that’s an overview of the course. This will be a one of a kind course, not the usual writers conference class. I’ll also be offering hands-on classes in subjects such as, crime scene fingerprinting, evidence collection and preservation, and arrest techniques.



I’m anxious to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas.

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  1. Timber Beast
    Timber Beast says:

    Good to see that you appear to be up and able to take nourishment Lee. I’m interested. The shelf life on my training is hitting the expiration date. ‘Sides, you’ve got some goooood info. No Scooby lunch box for me, I use paper bags made from trees.

  2. Kevin Hopps
    Kevin Hopps says:

    I think a class is a great idea and wished I lived in the New England area (I hear the leaves actually change color there) but instead I’m across town in California. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Elena – I’m talking to two companies right now, literally. I’ll address the Mac issue, because I want to switch to Mac, too. I really want to make this online class experience a nice, memorable class that’s like no other. We’re going to design something really nice.

    As far as WordPress, I don’t have a clue. I’m going to have a teleconference tomorrow with my webhost about WordPress and making a few changes. I’ll pose your question to her. We should be having some really nice changes coming soon.

  4. Elena
    Elena says:

    Darn, I have a Scooby Doo lunch box!

    As you are looking for a host, I do hope you’ll be sure that those of us on Mac’s using Safari are covered. Like me.

    And, close to the subject, is WordPress set up to unlog everyone every few weeks, or is it just me? It requires me to give them my name and password every few weeks even though I check the box to remember me.

  5. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Okay, I’m convinced this is something I need to do. I’m looking into which programs/resources would be the best for me to use that allows images, Powerpoint, and audio.

    I’m going to host a reception at my house in December for the New England folks who are interested in taking the class I’m offering at my home.

    The next step is to decide on the best times for the classes and how much to charge. I’ll know more about the fees once I find a suitable company to host the course.

    So, go buy some new school clothes, pencils and paper, and a new Snoopy lunch box, because we’re going to do this.

  6. puzzlehouse
    puzzlehouse says:

    Count me in for the online course — sounds great. (I’m about a thousand miles too far away to be there in person, otherwise I’d be there!)

  7. jnantz
    jnantz says:

    Long time lurker here. Definitely hand raised. I wish I lived in New England and could attend the on-site, but I would be thrilled with an online version.

  8. Elena
    Elena says:

    Sounds as though the fever was quick in passing, I hope so.

    I’d love an on-line class, it sounds terrific. If I had a wish it would include a unit about getting/training/working with K-9’s. I am totally incapable of writing a book without at least one dog as a character.

  9. Carla F
    Carla F says:

    Hand up here too! (Just one; two would mean something else entirely.) How much and when? Online works better for me too, though I wish I go in person, if only to check out this gym in your house. 🙂

    You sound better; how’re you feeling?

  10. Terry
    Terry says:

    I have TWO copies of your book (yeah, those brain cells really do disappear with age) and would like an on-line class since the distance thing is a problem.

  11. Sheila Connolly
    Sheila Connolly says:

    Sounds terrific–and I feel lucky to live in New England! I’ll watch for details.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  12. SZ
    SZ says:

    You have a gym ? Boy am I ever more jealous.

    Actually, we are all more anxious to hear you are a 100%. No more fevers !

    As for the class ? Show of hand here. Online only due to distance. I already have your book. This sounds like fun.

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