No Key, No Problem: How The Bad Guys Get In (Good Guys, Too)

No Key? No Problem


Set of picks, tension wrenches, and a broken key remover.

Padlock shims. Used to open spring-operated padlocks.

PRO-LOK7 is designed to open any standard ACE 7-pin lock.

62-piece lock pick set

Manual pick gun. Insert pick. Squeeze trigger. You’re in!

Slim Jims and wire tools for vehicle entry


Window punch


Breaking car window glass is easy enough using a punch, but not everyone has access to the tool. But…everyone can certainly get their hands on a common, everyday spark plug, right? Well, here’s what a tiny piece of porcelain from the tip of a spark plug can do.


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  1. Fluffykeith
    Fluffykeith says:

    Thats really really clever. I’d love to know “why” that works. I’d assume its something to do with the relative size of the objects and the focus on the point of impact. Useful info to have tho.

  2. PatMarin
    PatMarin says:

    Awesome! Now I know what to tell the kids to buy me for Mother’s Day. The spark plug thing was way cool.

  3. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    I remember when the spark plug thing was popular. Thieves would walk down the street by a row of cars, flick the ceramic piece at the window and keep walking. Often the glass wouldn’t explode like in the video, just shatter and stay held in the window frame. Then they’d come back, push the glass out and go to work.

  4. Les Edgerton
    Les Edgerton says:

    Great info, Lee! I knew about the punch, but not the sparkplug. How does that work?

    When I was “in the life” and pulling burglaries (2nd degree–businesses, wasn’t a “house creeper”), many times I’d start to go into a bar or wherever and stand there a minute and admire the really cool locks on the doors and the double-pane windows… then, I’d just take my 5-pound sledge and just bust through the wall next to it.. Straights have a way of thinking that burglars and outlaws think like… straights… Often, walls are very easy to bust into. A lot of times, doors themselves are also easy to bust. Or, the tiles on a roof come up fairly easily. But, we do admire nice locks…

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