More Cop, Crook, and Street Slang

Slang Terms Used by Cops and Robbers

The world of cops and robbers is an entity all its own. It’s a culture that lives and breathes in every neighborhood of every city. And, within each individual subgroup comes a separate set of traditions, rules, regulations, and even their own language(s). The same is true within the various groups of criminals. They, too, have their languages, mannerisms, etc.

Saggin' or Jailin'

To survive in these various social orders, members and visitors and newcomers must walk the walk and talk the talk that’s associated with each group. For example, to you the word cop might conjure up images of a burly police officer. However, to many criminals cop means to take plea agreement offered by the DA. “I’m not going to take a chance with a jury trial. I’m going to cop a plea.”

Let’s take a peek at a few more of the slang terms used by cops and robbers.

Sagging/Jailing (jailin’) – Wearing pants with the waistband so low that the underwear/boxer shorts are exposed. This style actually began in prisons and jails because inmates are often issued ill-fitting clothing. Their jail-issued pants are sometimes much too big which causes them to ride low on the hips.

Some say inmates who wear their pants “low” (saggers) are advertising that they’re available for sex.

Chicken head someone who gives oral sex in exchange for drugs.

Slang term Chicken Head

Hose Dragger – firefighter

Junior G-Man – a new officer/agent/special agent, etc. The new kid in the station/department/agency.

Alpha-Hotel – when you want to say A**Hole but don’t want anyone hearing you say A**Hole. “Man, that guy was a real Alpha-Hotel.”

Shorty – a nickname for girls/women. “Shorty sure looked fine last night.”

Honey Stop – stopping a car because the officer thinks the driver is good looking/wants to meet them. “I can’t believe she married that loser. Met him during a honey stop is what I heard.”

Slang Term Honey Stop

“Hey, Shorty, you’re sure lookin’ good tonight. And girl, those curls and that hat, well, they’re da’ bomb!”

Bullet – a one year prison sentence.

Ink – tattoo(s)

Pruno – alcohol made in jail or prison by inmates. Also known as hooch.

Five-O – the police. AKA: Po-Po, Barney, Bacon, Bear, the Law, Pig.


Lot Lizard – prostitute who works the parking lots at truck stops.

Detentionitis – mysterious and sudden ailments that strike people the moment they realize they’re to be arrested. “Oh, Lawdy, I can’t go to jail. I’m having a heart-a-stroke-appendicitigangrenified-triple-powered-seizure.”

Catch a Ride – share someone’s drugs. “Hey, Dude. Can I catch a ride?”

Slang Term Catch a Ride

Maggot – criminal (AKA – dirtbag, scum, mope, a**hole). “Store owner says a couple of maggots walked in the front door. He knew something was up because the first guy in was sweating a lot and constantly looking outside. Next thing he knows is they each pull out a pistol and start screaming for him to hand over the money.”

Maggot Mobile – car belonging to a maggot. See above definition of maggot. “That sounds like Little Pauly’s car. Drive by his place and see if that piece-of-crap maggot mobile is in the driveway. If so, bring him in.”

Lampin’ – hanging out under a street light. Those who do consider that spot as their turf.

Duck Detective – Fish and Game/Wildlife officer. “Be sure you have your hunting license with you. Joe-Billy, Jr. said the duck detectives are out in full force today.”

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