A Cop’s Christmas

A Cop's Christmas

Candies, cakes, and eggnog.

Turkey, ham, and stuffing.

Pumpkin pie.

My favorite.

Family, friends, and sleeping dog on hearth.

Fireplace crackles.

Cedar logs sizzle.

Cookies and milk.

Laughter, giggles, and squeals.

Stockings and gifts.

Silent wishes and happy, hopeful dreams.


Wish I was there.

Pepper spray, handcuffs, and puking drunks.

Radios, shotguns, and TASERS.

Spouses abused.


Black eyes and broken bones.

Not their fault.

Dealers, robbers, and sad, pitiful kids.

No toys.

Lots of drugs.

Crack pipes burning.

No place to sleep.

No food, no heat.

Gunshots. Stab wounds.

Car crashes and suicides.

Crying, bleeding, and dying.

Ambulances, hospitals, and morgues.


Glad I have one.

Aren’t you?

*Please remember the many police officers, fire crews, rescue workers, hospital staff, and all others who work to keep us safe during the holidays. 

By the way, remember to recycle, shred, or destroy your Christmas gift boxes and cartons.

Placing shiny and new empty boxes at the street for pick up is an open invitation to burglars who cruise the roads hoping to learn which families received new flat screen TV’s, computers, DVD players, video games, etc.

Once the cruising crooks see the possibility of new treasures they often return when no one is at home, or when they think everyone is sleeping, to steal the valuable items you’ve so boldly advertised as being inside the house.

If you cannot recycle or shred the cartons, wait several days before placing the empty boxes at the curb. By then the Christmas stealing season will have passed.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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