Michael Connelly Is The 2014 Writers’ Police Academy Guest Of Honor

Michael Connelly

By now I guess you’ve all heard the big news that Michael Connelly is the guest of honor at the 2014 Writers’ Police Academy. Actually, I think nearly everyone in the world has heard because my inbox was crammed full this morning with excited “I absolutely love his books” chatter.

So, we have two goals. One – to match our program with the greatness that is Michael Connelly. Two – top the 2013 WPA. Well, I believe we’ve accomplished both. The 2014 program is indeed at the top of the charts.

Without giving away too many secrets, I will say that you can expect even more BANGS and BOOMS than ever before, your bad guys just may learn some cool ways to dispose of, um, “evidence…” And, somehow we’ve managed to squeeze fire, lots of dead bodies, and even an airplane into the schedule. And much, much more. Seriously, plan to be totally blown away. Hmm… blown away is probably not a good choice of words when referring to the the WPA, but you get the picture.

Of course, you know how we like to shake things up from time to time, so be prepared for “surprises” to happen at any time.

In addition to several new instructors and workshops, we’ve shaken up a few more things for next year, including a new hotel and a new group of volunteers/planning committee.

The official 2014 WPA hotel is the Greensboro-Highpoint Marriott Airport. I took the photos below last weekend. They weren’t staged, therefore, this is the actual hotel as seen when you first walk in the door.

The view from the business center is also not too shabby.

The rooms are equally as appealing.

The best thing, WPA attendees, is that there’s no change in room price (from last year), including a free hot breakfast, free internet, a very large bar area and restaurant, and a wonderful banquet experience. We enjoyed three tasty meals during our stay there last week (I recommend their crab cakes).

Our new planning committee/event volunteers got together last weekend for the first time, in person, during a breakfast meeting in Greenville, South Carolina. The meeting went extremely well and I’m anxious for you to meet everyone. So, without further adieu, here is the new WPA team

l-r Lee Lofland, Denene Lofland, Ellis Vidler, Linda Lovely, Howard Lewis (not pictured Ashantay Peters and Robin Weaver)

Remember, space is limited to the first 200 to sign up. We expect those slots to go within hours after opening registration, so have all your information handy when registering. The 2014 event is our largest and most exciting we’ve ever produced!! And Michael Connelly will be there. How cool is that!

Please be on the lookout (that’s a BOLO to you police procedural writers) for registration details, and please do check the WPA website for updates and news.