Jessica: Medical Marijuana Benefiting The United States: A General Perspective

The legalization of marijuana has once again come to the attention of politicians. Some argue that the plant has medicinal properties, while others claim it is a gateway drug to heroin or cocaine use, among others.

However, the movement is gaining traction, especially for use by people with chronic pain, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and well, the list goes on, including recreational use.

So thanks, Jessica (no last name), for preparing and sharing this infographic with us.

Off we go …

*Infographic prepared by Jessica, Senior Content Marketing Specialist in the field above. I had no role in the design or content.

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  1. Morgan Mandel
    Morgan Mandel says:

    Seems medical marijuana is a good thing for those who use it for medicinal purposes. Legalization for other purposes could put a lot more drivers on the road who have no right to be driving in a spaced out condition.

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