Hurricane Irene Knocks On Our Front Door

Hurricane Irene


Hurricane Irene stopped by yesterday to welcome Denene and me to our new neighborhood here in beautiful Coastal Georgia. We love the area here, with all its history, and the scenery is some of the best we’ve encountered. And that says a lot because we’ve lived in some pretty stunning locations—Seattle, San Jose, and Boston to name just a few.

But our little slice of Georgia heaven is really nice. We picked it because we’re a stone’s throw from the ocean, a river is across the street from our house (we love to kayak), and a freshwater lake is our view from the backyard, which, by the way, has an extremely large in-ground pool. Dolphins swim nearby, and, well, you get the picture. So we’re set. BUT…

We’ve been in the new house for three weeks and the power has gone out three times due to powerful storms, you know about what happened earlier this week, and now Irene. So the welcome hasn’t exactly been ideal. Toss a hurricane into the welcome basket and it sort of makes you wonder if the decision to come here was a good one…

Anyway, the picture above is of Tybee Island Beach on Wednesday afternoon (we went there to walk on the beach and collect our thoughts). And here’s what that same beach looked like at 5pm yesterday. Remember, the storm was approximately 200 miles offshore when she passed us. Imagine what things look like for the folks who experience a direct hit.

Apparently Irene can read, because the turtle was fine when she left.

I hope all our friends and family along the coast are okay. Stay safe, everyone.


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  1. Joanna Aislinn
    Joanna Aislinn says:

    Loved the photos, Lee! I can understand why you chose the idyllic setting for your home but I always wonder if the good outweighs the rough waters. At 9:30 AM in NJ–fingers crossed lest anyone forget levies and Katrina–so far so good. (Not sure what I’ll find when I get to mom’s home in neighboring town so we’ll say all okay for now.)

    Best wishes to you and your wife in your new home. I believe we’re all led where we’re supposed to be.

  2. Debbie Marine
    Debbie Marine says:

    Hello Lee,
    We moved here to the coast of GA, back in 2005…we live on Colonel’s Island…yes the coast is beautiful..but were we live the closest store is 25 miles away….I sure do miss my Publix..I travel 28 miles to go there….We moved from South Fla, back in 1992, we lost our home to Hurricane Andrew, tried to explain to the people what a storm can do..they just seem to be so laid back, almost as if we were talking tofolks from Key West..Thank God it did not hit here!! It did hit were our son is station, Cherry Point,NC…and being true “Florida” boy..they held a Hurricane Party on Friday night…those from Fl will know what I’m talking about..Enjoy GA..remember toes in the sand!!!

  3. Terry Odell
    Terry Odell says:

    After living in a hurricane zone for 30 years, I’m glad to be way, way, way far away. I hope everyone in Irene’s path — or anyone living where hurrincanes threaten — remains safe. I also hope they understand that the time to prepare is Day 1 of hurricane season.

  4. cathy carper
    cathy carper says:

    I have to admit, I did get a bit of a chuckle out of your funny comments along the way – I’m sitting here in VERMONT waiting for the hurricane to arrive tomorrow. Vermont. Hurricane. HUH? I can understand snow and blizzards, but a hurricane? NOT. And I just moved a few weeks ago too, which is why I was getting a kick out of your commentaries on moving. I’m surrounded by tall trees and keep thinking how lucky I am I finally signed my home owner’s insurance last week because I can see a tree coming down on my new place. But in all seriousness, I DO hope everyone stays safe. Take care all.

  5. Pat Marinelli
    Pat Marinelli says:

    Love the pictures, Lee.

    I’m here in NJ awaiting Irene after the VA earthquake earlier this week. We felt it here. They have evacuated 1 million people from the Jersey Shore and 2.2 million from the tri-state area. We don’t live in a evac zone, just outside. Beside the usually flood worries, we have had the wetest August on record and trees in wet ground and the wind are the huge worry now along with power outages. It’s scary seeing boarded-up windows. Irene is due at midnight and will stay most of the day tomorrow. I sure hope she arrives and leaves quickly and all this prep will be for naught, but…who knows.

    Glad you made it through safely. Take care.

  6. Debbie McCann
    Debbie McCann says:

    As a child in Ft. Lauderdale area, we were welcomed into the state by Hurricane Donna. We got hit by Betsy and a week later Camille. You are experiencing very typical late summer Florida weather-except as it is sub tropic it rains year round usually in the PM.

    I remember seeing the beach patrol save a surfer as Betsy came in. Almost killed the patrol to pull him out of the undertow. Stay safe, we need you, and stock up after the storm on camp stove, battery lanterns and canned goods. Also water!

    Debbie McCann

  7. SZ
    SZ says:

    Well I think it was a good decision ! Lil Pebbles hung out long enough to give her blessing. As for the storm, only the strong survive. You two are in the right place.

    I like the surge meter too. Great pics. Stay safe.

  8. Maryann Mercer
    Maryann Mercer says:

    At least you weren’t surfing! I always wonder why people take unnecessary chances. Oh, I get the thrill factor, but still…no one is invincible. Thanks for sharing the pics. I have friends and family in Norfolk, and I do hope they headed west for a bit. Stay safe.

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