Friday’s Heroes: Remembering the Fallen

Senior Special Agent Paul Scott Ragsdale, 41

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

May 24, 2018 – Senior Special Agent Scott Ragsdale suffered a fatal heart attack while participating in arrest techniques training. He is survived by his wife and two children.




Special Agent in Charge David J. LeValley

Federal Bureau of Investigation

May 26, 2018 – Special Agent in Charge David LeValley died as the result of cancer he developed following his involvement in the search and rescue efforts immediately following the terrorist attacks on World Trade Center.



Chief of Detectives William Allee, 76

New York City Police Department

May 24, 2018 – Chief of Detectives William Allee died from illnesses he contracted while assisting in the rescue and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center site following the terrorist attacks. During his efforts he was exposed to and inhaled toxic materials. He developed leukemia as a direct result of contacting those materials.


Sergeant Daniel Baker, 32

Dickson County Tennessee Sheriff’s Office

May 30, 2018 – Sergeant Daniel Baker was shot and killed after responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle. After losing radio contact with Sergeant Baker, GPS was used to track his vehicle. Officers then discovered his body inside his patrol car.

Sergeant Baker is survived by his wife, children, and his father and stepbrother who also serve as law enforcement officers within the same department.


Stephens County Oklahoma Sheriff’s Office

May 20, 2018 – Sadly, Tuco drowned while on the way to assist a stranded flood victim.

Deputy Matthew Brown and Tuco got caught in high flood waters, causing Deputy Brown to lose control of their vehicle at a low spot in the roadway. The car began to hydroplane and  then overturned into the high water. Then the underside caught fire.

Another deputy who was also en route to help the flood victim, saw the overturned patrol and stopped to save his fellow deputy who was trapped inside, along with Tuco who was secured in a K9 crate in the rear compartment of the vehicle. The deputy went under water and broke a window and freed Deputy Brown. The two immediately attempted to save Tuco, but the vehicle was partially submerged in water while the rest was fully engulfed in flames.

A memorial service was held in Tuco’s honor.