Friday’s Heroes: Remembering The Fallen

Friday's Heroes - Remembering the fallen officers


The Graveyard Shift extends our condolences to the families of these brave officers.

Officer Anthony “Tony” Alan Giniewicz, 58

Signal Hill California Police Department

In 1985, Officer Giniewicza was wounded during a shootout with three gang members at a local restaurant. He became paralyzed as a result of his injuries, and then passed away as a result of those wounds on December 7, 2011.

Officer Giniewicza is survived by his son, two stepchildren, mother, and six sisters.

Sergeant David Enzbrenner, 46

Atchison Kansas Police Department

Sergeant David Enzbrenner was shot and killed when a man approached him and opened fire without warning. Officials believe the suspect has a grudge against police officers because his father is serving a prison sentence of life without parole.

Sergeant Enzbrenner is survived by his wife and three children.

Officer Peter Figoski, 47

New York City Police Department

December 12, 2011 – Police Officer Peter Figoski was shot and killed while responding to a robbery call. The two suspects were hiding inside the building and when confronted, one of the suspects shot Officer Figoski in the head. He is survived by his four daughters.

Agent Isaac Joel Pizarro-Pizarro, 30

Puerto Rico Police Department

Agent Isaac Pizarro-Pizarro was shot and killed in an ambush that is believed to be retaliation for an ongoing narcotics investigation.

He is survived by his mother and several brothers.

Undersheriff Pat Pyette, 54

Blaine County Montana Sheriff’s Office

December 14, 2011 – Undersheriff Pat Pyette was struck and killed by a vehicle while directing traffic around the scene of a disabled truck.

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  1. Julie Robinson
    Julie Robinson says:

    Lee, thank you for doing this every week. It’s so heartbreaking. I just wish more of the population appreciated the sacrifices police officers (and their families) make.

  2. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:


    I read this every week and I am still quite shocked on the number of U.S. Officers that are shot and killed every week. I have nothing but respect for the U.S. Officers that are facing such danger every time they go out on patrol.

    Sadly we lost one this week in a Road Traffic Accident.


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