For the Difficult-to-Buy-for CSI in Your Stories

For the difficult-to-buy

1. Blue Wonder – touch-up kit used to repair or hide scratches in the finish of most firearms. Perfect for use prior to attending holiday parties when wearing a dinged-up firearm on your side simply won’t do. $29.95

2. Blue Wonder Removal System – used to remove finishes from firearms—parkerized, cold blue or hot blue. Available in two small squirt bottles, one for removing the finish and the other for preparing the weapon for refinishing. $19.95

3. Scarab Cutterhandheld device used for cutting zip-ties and other temporary/disposable restraints. $28.95

4. MicroBurst Fuming Wand Kit by EVIDENT – used in the field to quickly process items (fingerprints) with cyanoacrylate (Super Glue). $139.95

5. Blood Spatter Kit 2015 – perfect for use in the field when analyzing blood spatter trajectory. Comes complete with tools needed, including multiple spools of assorted brightly colored strings. Again, from EVIDENT.

6. Forensic Entomology Kit – everything you need for collecting bugs in, on, around, and beneath a decomposing corpse. $275.00

7. Forensic Archaeology Kit – a perfect gift for the grave robber who has everything. Also comes in handy for CSI’s who’ve uncovered a clandestine grave. $789.00

8. Blood Impression Kit – used for locating and preserving bloody impressions. (No, not the cheeky imitations of celebrities by British comics). $369.00

9. Explosive Test Kits – for the detective of explosives. Able to pinpoint a variety of exotic flavors—nitro, ammonium, urea nitrate, chlorates, phosphates, and more! $69.00 per kit

10. Blood Spatter Training Blood – comes in handy when the real thing is simply not available. $24.00 per 8 oz. bottle
And, when realistic training is a must, try Spatter Head. Warning, this video is kind of graphic and may be offensive, but only if the bashing-in of a fake skull is upsetting to you. However, you will quickly understand the force it takes to…well, let’s just say killing someone requires more than a blow to the head with a copy of your favorite author’s latest book.