Flash Bangs



Flash Bangs, or Noise Flash Diversionary Devices (NFDD), are an important part of the modern law enforcement toolbox.

When properly used, these devices that are capable of generating 3,000 degrees (F) and 10,000 PSI are real life-savers. Some of these devices actually produce 6-8 million Candela (really bright light) and a 180db deafening blast.

The purpose of using a NFDD is to direct the attention of a dangerous suspect away from the team of officers entering the target building, giving them the advantage of surprise and ample time to gain control of the situation without the use of lethal force.

The use of the NFDD is as simple as pulling a pin and tossing the flash bang in the intended direction. But what is that intended direction? Officers must take care not to cause any direct contact with suspect and the extremely hot, activated devices.

The ideal situation for NFDD use is to avoid looking a suspect in the eye prior to tossing the device. This prevents the common human reaction of throwing the object directly at the suspect, like tossing a ball during a qame of catch. Ideally, the device should not be thrown closer than five feet from any person.

Officers should also have a pre-planned means of disposal of a live NFDD in the event they cannot safely deploy the active in-hand device. For example, once officers breach a home they discover several small children sleeping in the floor of the intended detonation room. Therefore, officers must have a safe means of disposal (outside) to detonate the NFDD.