Evidence Collection and Field Testing Kits

Blood Spatter Kit

Fluid Specimen Collection Kit


10 – Sterile Plastic Stick Swabs
10 – Swab Boxes
20 – Swab Box Integrity Seals
3 – 3 ml Sterile Water Ampoules
1 – Large Evidence Label
1 – Large Evidence Seal
1 – Biohazard Label
1 – Pair Supreno Nitrile Gloves
2 – Antimicrobial Towelettes
1 – Evidence Box

Buccal Swab Kit for DNA Collection


2 – Sterile Plastic Stick Swabs
1 – Swab Box
1 – Paper Evidence Envelope
1 – Large Evidence Seal
1 – Pair Nitrile Gloves
1 – Instruction Sheet

Forensic Entomology Kit


(A partial list of the interesting items inside the kit)

1 – Entomology and Death Book

1-Flying Insect Swoop Net

8 – Maggot Motel Screens

8 – Maggot Motels

Cotton Balls

1 – Pencil

Crime Scene Kit


Kit contains an assortment of items for crime scene evidence preservation and collection, such as fingerprinting and crime scene sketching tools.

Trace Evidence Tape


Picks up minute hairs and fibers. To release the evidence, technicians soak the tape in water and then filter out the particles.

Gun Shot Residue Test Kit


Kit allows officers to test a suspect’s hands in the field for gun shot residue.

Narcotics Field Test Kit


Officers can test narcotics on the street using testing kits. The pouch above (appr. 2″w x 3″h) is used for testing cocaine. A small sample (a pinch) is placed inside the plastic pouch. The pouch is closed (zip lock) and then each of the three glass ampules are broken in sequence. If the sample turns solid blue it is indeed cocaine. The results are instantaneous. Kits available for all drugs. Indicator colors vary for different drugs. For example, marijuana turns the solution a yellowish-brown.

(Note – color changes and containers vary depending upon the manufacturer).

(EVIDENT Crime Scene Products photos)

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