Dazer Laser: Blinded By The Light

There’s a new crime fighting tool available and it’ll soon have bad guys “seeing the light.” Laser Energetics, Inc., a Charlotte, N.C. company, has introduced Dazer Laser. The DL projects a laser so powerful that it can tame even the toughest of crooks without harming a single hair on their wanted heads. And officers can safely use this non-lethal weapon from as far away as 2400 meters.

The device is a no-brainer for police officers. To Daze a suspect all the officer needs to do is aim the blinking green laser light at the suspect’s face. Instantly, the offender’s vision, equilibrium, and awareness are impaired. The effects last until officers turn off the device. Unlike other police weapons, the use of Dazer Laser prevents the suspect from seeing the officer’s approach and that certainly makes for safer handcuffing and searching.

The  Dazer Laser seems to be an excellent device that, at first look, appears to be a much safer alternative—safer for both the officer and the suspect— to the Taser and other weapons, such as batons and pepper spray.

I imagine this is what a suspect hears the moment he’s blasted by the Dazer Laser.

And for hours after…

* This post is not an endorsement of the Dazer Laser. I’ve not seen the product in action, and as of this posting Laser Energetics officials have not responded to any of my messages.