CSI Terminology

I’m traveling today, so I thought I’d leave you with these points to ponder. I’ll check in later in the day, when I have a break.

AAFS – American Academy of Forensic Science

Adipocere – Waxy substance found on decomposing bodies (consisting of fatty tissue). Also known as grave wax.

APIS – Automated Palmprint Identification System.

BDU – Battle dress uniform (often worn by crime scene investigators, SWAT, canine officers, and entry teams).

BioFoam – A substance used to make impressions.

CSM – Crime scene management.

EDTA – Anticoagulating agent (tubes containing EDTA have purple tops).

Fire triangle – Three must-haves for a fire to burn—heat, fuel, and oxygen.

Floater – Body found in water.

IABPA – International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis.

PPE – Personal protective equipment.

Tache noire – Drying of the eye that results in a black line across the cornea.

V Pattern – Pattern formed by fire burning on or against a wall. Usually the fire’s point of origin is at the peak of the V.

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  1. Terry
    Terry says:

    Thanks SO much for this post. I’m writing a manuscript featuring a small town police chief, and this is great stuff (of course everything here is great stuff, but sometimes the timing is better than others.)

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