CSI It Ain’t!

CSI It Ain't


Following along the path of the many recent posts I’ve seen on the crime-fighting loops I’d like to clear up up another common misconception about police and CSI. Not all departments have elaborate crime labs, or high-tech equipment at their disposal. The photo above is of a single desk shared by every officer in this particular department, from supervisors on down to line officer.

The kit above and below serves as the sole crime scene investigation kit for the entire department.

CSI it ain’t!

Police officers do the best they can with what they have.

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  1. Falcocop
    Falcocop says:

    Lee, a very worth while post you have put out here. CSI (as much as I love watching it) causes the same problems over here and the public now think that whatever they see on there can be done straight away here. Our CSI’s known in the main as Scenes of Crime Officers are stretched to the limit just going from job to job. The Office they work from is nothing like what is shown on the programme and is certainly not full of high tech equipment that he programme shows. However, they still do a fantastic job.

    Paul Beecroft
    Coroner’s Officer, England

    “I see dead people”

  2. Wilfred Bereswill
    Wilfred Bereswill says:

    OH, off topic question. Can law enforcement locate the precise location of a cell phone if it is turned on and “registered” with a cell tower?

    Let’s say, law enforcement receives a seven digit number and through research discovers that it is a cell phone number. Is it possible to track it’s location.

    I’ve heard it can be done if it is a GSM model?

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