Critical Incident Response: The Burg Bag

The Burg Bag

Have you ever been called to a shooting scene where you quickly emptied your Sig of its 16 rounds? Then you reached into your gear bag for extra ammo, or a dressing for your wounds, and suddenly realized that in your haste you’d accidentally grabbed your kid’s backpack? Or, you show up at a hostage situation and you find that your tendency to be a pack rat has now filled the old duty bag beyond your ability to heft it from the trunk of your patrol car. Well, relax. Police Chief Mike Burg of Ohio has come up with a solution to your woes and it’s called The Burg Bag.

The Burg Bag is specially designed for active-shooter situations. Chief Burg, considering the LAPD’s Hollywood shootout, realized the need for a “self-rescue” kit. And Burg’s creation is just that, a nylon bag containing precise-sized, easily accessible compartments for things like trauma gear (Kling, Quick-Clot, gauze and Bloodstopper), boxes of shotgun shells, bullets, and extended rifle magazines. Enough emergency supplies to hold you until help arrives. No more using a gunbelt as a tourniquet.

The Burg Bag is also the perfect holiday gift for the protagonist in your life!

In fact, I can almost hear Dave Robicheaux calling for Clete to fetch the Burg Bag from the trunk of his convertible.

Available for $35 at your favorite police supply outlet (the bag, not Clete’s car).

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