Crime Fighting Robots

Crime Fighting Robots


The remote controlled Andros F-6 robot has the capability to stand tall at 6 feet 5 inches. It can also squat to a compact three-feet. The 500 – 800lb robot can be equipped with attachments to suit the needs of its department. Some of the available attachments and devices are: water pistols for breaking apart explosive devices, gripper arms, video cameras, shotguns, and microphones.


R2-D2  of the Butler County Ohio Sheriff’s Office – Richard Jones, Sheriff

Special tires and tracks enable the robots to travel across almost all terrains, such as sand and mud. Some robots are even narrow enough to travel along airplane aisles. They can even climb stairs.


Robots can be equipped to detect the presence of hazardous chemicals.


Robot armed with shotgun.


Robot equipped with window-breaking gear.


Robots can be used for handling dangerous chemicals.


U.S military robot disarming roadside explosive device.

*Photos by Butler County Ohio Sheriff’s Office – Sheriff Richard Jones, and Northrop Grumman – Remotec.



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  1. Peg H
    Peg H says:

    Neat pictures.

    [“I am getting a sudden mental image of cops jumping around saying, “My turn! My turn! Let me try!” ]

    Ramona– I’d take bets on that one!

    Son of a BEACH, Lee! I hope you had a great time. 🙂

  2. Elena
    Elena says:

    Very cool – I like seeing robots doing the dangerous stuff.

    At one point in the 80’s a group of my students led by one whose dad was a police chief, designed and built a robot that would carry a reluctant drunk from the local bar to the jail. They were maybe a block apart.

    The accompaning crowd was a much worse punishment that even an imaginative judge could come up with. In that the rest of the county was dry, all the hard drinking moved to the next county.

    The kids named it BarStool.

    Lee, I am so sorry that you have to spend time at the beach – it’s got to be difficult 🙂

  3. Terry
    Terry says:

    I keep hearing V’gr saying ‘Sterilize. Sterilize.”

    (Actually, we got to peek at one of these during cop class one session. Tres Cool.)

  4. Joyce Tremel
    Joyce Tremel says:

    Very cool stuff! They design a lot of robots at Carnegie Mellon University here in Pittsburgh. I’m not sure if any of these were, though.

  5. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Romona – Yep, the robots will definitely take a bullet for you.

    SZ – The costs vary depending on the attachments. You can get a basic model starting in the low six figures.

    Sorry for my slow responses, but I’m still at the beach. Don’t you feel sorry for me.

    Will – Yes, 7pm at Kate’s book store. Parking is going to be tough. I suggest you arrive early. There is parking beside her store, but that will fill quickly.

  6. SZ
    SZ says:

    Thats pretty high tech. How much to make just one ? Who is using it more, military or police ?

  7. ramona
    ramona says:

    I am getting a sudden mental image of cops jumping around saying, “My turn! My turn! Let me try!” And you know there had to be a water pistol mounted on one of these babies, for what is it? Breaking windows? Suuuuure.

    Seriously, it’s good to see a hunk of metal blow up rather than a person. Yay for science.

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