Cops Use WHAT? To Do WHAT?

Cops use what? To do what?

You already know about fingerprint powders, luminol, and Kevlar, right? Well, it’s time your characters added some new stuff to their crime-solving toolbox, starting with…

1. Fingerprint Ridge Builder – a chemical solution used to enhance/clarify fingerprint ridges of people with poor ridge structure, such as the elderly and people who work with their hands—bricklayers and other masons, farmers, concrete workers, etc. $19.95 per 8 0z. pump bottle

2. Blood Lifting Strips – fingerprint lifting strips that allow investigators to easily lift and preserve bloody impressions from nearly every surface, such as clothing, brick, concrete, etc. Strips appear similar to large baby-wipes and can be cut to size as needed. $44.50 per pack of 8×8 strips

3. Ozone Air Purifiers – easy-to-carry device used to eliminate odors by oxidation—body decomposition, formaldehyde (autopsy rooms), drug odors (marijuana), chemical fumes, pepper spray, etc. from crime scenes, evidence rooms, etc. $435 – $824. Price depends upon size of unit. The largest unit is capable of clearing odors, including that of decaying bodies, in spaces up to 60,000 sq. ft.

4. Blood Fixative – chemical used to set bloody prints/impressions to avoid damage during processing. $20.15 per 1 liter bottle

5. Cell Phone Faraday Storage Kit – a thick trilaminate bag with dual foil linings used to secure phones from incoming transmissions that could contaminate captured digital evidence. $21.00 per 10 pack.

6. Anti-Static Evidence Bags – used to contain and protect evidence—hard drives and other computer components—-that are sensitive to static electricity. $11.70 per 100 bags