Cooking With Cops: Emily’s Favorite Baked Apples

Cop cooking

Emily’s Favorite Baked Apples

servings 4

The Evidence

4 large red delicious apples cored

1 c simple syrup

1c butter

2 1/2 cups sugar

16 oz caramel candy. fudges. Hershey kisses. or, marshmallows—whichever you prefer.

(4) 9 inch pie crusts

1/2c water

 The Procedure

(“baked apple”)

preheat oven 375 degrees.

mix simple syrup, 1/2c melter butter, and water together until smooth.

layout parchment paper

lay crusts on paper

place cored apples in center of pie crust.

place candy inside.

use pastry brush to seal crust around apple with syrup mixture.

neatly cut off excess crust and use to make leaves and place on top.

brush outside with syrup mixture and bake til shiny and golden brown.

serve hot

~ everyone loves these!

Well, maybe not everyone….

*Today’s recipe comes to us from the kitchen of Southland fan Emily Farnham. You can visit Emily on Facebook. You can visit Southland Tuesday nights on TNT at 10pm. You can enjoy Emily’s baked apples anytime.

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