Christmas Day With The Loflands…at the beach, again

Christmas day with the Loflands

We have a standing Christmas Day tradition—a trip to the beach. So, after presents, a hearty breakfast, twice-checking whatever lists need to be examined, we head out for the coast (which coast, of course, depends upon where we may be living at the time). This year we’re back on the West Coast, and our 2014 beach du jour was Dillon Beach, a few minutes south of Bodega Bay. The journey to the sea was a very brief but scenic excursion through the winding roads and hills of wine country.

So, without further ado, this is the scenery in our neck of the woods. It wasn’t a white Christmas (I do not like snow), but it certainly was gorgeous.




Hey, it’s not my “fault.”






crop cows

Himalayan Cattle. Yes, those cows do indeed have bangs. A closer look and you’d swear, according to Denene, they look like Muppets.


With Thanksgiving clearly out of the picture, this big guy (below) stepped out to great us as we drove into the seaside town of Dillon Beach.


Denene, weary of all my stops to take photos, decided to take a photo of me taking a picture of the turkey.


And then we arrived at the beach.

Ho, Ho, Ho!


Here’s a quick video from the same location. Thought you might enjoy seeing and hearing the waves and sea breeze.