Castle: Eye Of The Beholder – A Review

Castle: Eye Of The Beholder

Jealousy. Anger. Betrayal. Love. Those are the reasons most of us watch TV, right? Well, that and a little bit of blown-’em-up, shoot-’em-up action. But, basically we want to become a part of what we’re watching. We want to relate to our favorite characters by knowing what they’re feeling based on our own life experiences. And that’s exactly what this episode of Castle delivered last night—jealousy, anger, betrayal, and love. Our favorite life experiences all wrapped up in a single episode. Funny thing, though, was that those emotions were all displayed by Beckett.

Castle’s major emotion, however, was lust, something I found a bit disappointing since he’s supposed to be sooooo in love with Beckett.

To have him lusting after the sexy art thief/insurance investigator like a hog running for the slop bucket was a sharp contrast to what we’ve been led to believe about him—his devotion to the love of his life, Beckett. Anyway, let’s see what Melanie has to say about this episode.

Melanie Atkins

We didn’t get any mushy stuff last week, but this episode was chock full of it. Flirting, seduction, jealousy, anger… even fear. Yep, Kate’s too mixed up and scared to claim her man, even when Serena Kay, a pretty insurance investigator, sets her sights on Rick — and he responds. Kate’s therapist gets to the heart of the matter when he asks, “Are you afraid he won’t wait for you, or that he will?”

Ack! Come on, Kate; get with the program. Rick didn’t make a play for Serena after all, and the woman apparently recognized that you have dibs on him. Most of her play for him was just bluster to throw you off the case because she wanted to get her hands on the missing Fist of Capitalism. The museum piece stolen during the gala, when a man is murdered.

I loved Kate’s jealousy, especially her shock and the way she trembled with fury when she caught Rick kissing Serena — to distract her, mind you, so she wouldn’t catch them searching her hotel room. Yeah, right. Maybe it was a guise, but he didn’t hesitate.

I hope the shock of seeing him with Serena made her realize she can’t take forever to make up her mind. Seems like it, since she asked him to go for a burger after they finished the case, but who can tell? Just jump his bones already. He’s ready for a relationship. He wants it all. I guess that’s what scares her, though. And we’re back to the question her therapist asked her. “Are you afraid he won’t wait for you, or that he will?”

Did anybody else catch Nathan’s shout out to his story about being pulled over and the cop thinking he was Jason Bateman? Apparently it happened a while back, before he was so well known, and it got him out of a ticket — for real. I love how they include these little nuggets in the show. I’m guessing Nathan threw that in and Andrew and company let him keep it. Too funny.

I liked this episode to an extent but IMHO, Kate was way too quick to give Rick up to Serena. She obviously didn’t want to, but believed he wouldn’t choose her. Or something. And I was really surprised that Rick responded like he did to that chick, almost as if he’d reverted to his old playboy ways. All that seemed a bit out of character after the I Love You. I want more Kate-Rick interaction, but the real thing. Romance. Love. Know what I mean? Come on, Andrew. It’s been long enough.

What did you think, Lee?

This episode was far better than anything we’ve seen this season. I say this for a few reasons. First of all, they didn’t try to insert crappy forensics. Next, there was no Lanie, which is a huge plus, even though she’s been better this season. But her part is so unnecessary to the show. In fact, the character and goofy forensics actually take away from the series. It’s a distraction…a stumbling block. Anyway, good move not having the somewhat out-of-place character interrupt the flow of this episode.

– An insurance investigator nonchalantly walks into an active murder scene and starts touching things, running her gloved fingers across surfaces that haven’t yet been printed. No way. Wouldn’t happen in real life. No one is allowed inside a crime scene until that area has been released by the detectives.

– The insurance investigator (Serena) tags along on the investigation. Well, I’ve worked with a few of those folks, and they’re very sharp. But I didn’t allow them to ride with me or question witnesses. But there’s no rule that says they can’t.

You know, I’m beginning to wonder why the NYPD keeps Beckett on the payroll. She never solves a single case. Usually, it’s Castle to the rescue, coming up with the weekly solutions. Now they’ve brought in another civilian to play cops and robbers with Castle. Without the flirting and eye contact with Castle, Beckett’s becoming a secondary character.

– Normally, I’m the last person to say, “Bring in the FBI.” But this case had SPECIAL AGENT written all over it. This is what they do, not investigate the crimes we see them working in many, many mystery novels. In fact, the FBI has a dedicated Art Crime Team of 13 special agents. There are even three special trial attorneys assigned to handle art theft prosecutions. The FBI also runs the National Stolen Art File, a computerized index of reported stolen art and cultural properties. So, if you want an FBI special agent as your protagonist, write this stuff, folks, not stories about rogue FBI agents running around the country attempting to solve small town murders. That, they don’t do.

– The woman who actually owned the stolen artwork casually walked into Beckett’s office, unannounced. Well, I don’t know a single police department that allows “walk-in” business. Doing ss would cause a slight safety issue. You see, some bad guys carry guns, and knives, and explosives, and they don’t mind using them. So it’s best to have them check those things at the door before having access to an entire police department.

– I despise the new captain. And I despise the way she hangs out of her door, barking orders. I say reincarnate Montgomery. Actually, I’m sort of surprised they haven’t brought in a civilian to run the place. What’s one more? Hey, that’s would be a great job for Castle’s mother.

Overall, I sort of enjoyed this episode, and that was nice for a change, because things haven’t been looking so hot so far this season. But, I did spot the killer early on, again. I do wish they’d do a better job of building the mystery.

What are your thoughts? What did we miss?

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  1. David Fuchs
    David Fuchs says:

    On one hand, I like that they aren’t keeping Beckett the sort of “tough as nails/total b**** woman detective” which is sort of a stereotype now; all the characters I’ve seen usually just end up being repulsive instead of empowering (this is a bit of a niche reference, but the character of Kira from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was just a jerk until the writers started fleshing out her background as a freedom fighter and actually giving her a reason to be distrustful and angry.)

    But the alternative the writers of Castle have taken isn’t more nuanced and believable, it’s just more annoying. Lose the heels and make Beckett a little more competent solving the cases, and she can have her relationship issues. I think it’s great to have characters who might be good at their jobs but have personal issues, and vice versa. Either way there need to be more interesting character development, otherwise Castle is gonna get completely stale by riding its current rails.

  2. Bonnie Ramthun
    Bonnie Ramthun says:

    I thought the best line of the night was a throwaway:

    Curator: “The Fist of Capitalism has been stolen!”
    Castle: “Did you look in the pocket of Socialism?”


  3. Rina
    Rina says:

    I have to agree with Fitch, it seemed like everyone was pushing Castle to date Serena — his mother I could understand, maybe, but Beckett? I couldn’t blame Castle if he took that as confirmation that Beckett just isn’t into him and — if she does realize his feelings — is trying to get him to move along.

  4. Fitch
    Fitch says:

    Melanie wrote: “To have him lusting after the sexy art thief/insurance investigator like a hog running for the slop bucket was a sharp contrast to what we’ve been led to believe about him—his devotion to the love of his life, Beckett. Anyway, let’s see what Melanie has to say about this episode.”

    I have to ask, what episode were you watching? I didn’t see Castle doing that at all. Castle was impressed with Serena, the author in him wanted to profile her as a possible novel character, but I did not see him wanting to ask her out. He was not thrilled when it was suggested he to on a date with her while B, R&E searched her room.

    Castle was more than a little confused by Beckett’s attitude pushing him at Serena, and even said so. The “kiss” was more like taking one for the team than anything resembling romance or lust.

    If you watch closely, Castle’s focus was on Beckett, not Serena, during some critical exchanges. This episode was about Beckett trying to sort herself out. I am expecting the Cops and Robbers episode to be really good since the setting was apparently created to give the writers a vehicle for Beckett realizing what it would mean to her to lose Castle.

    There was a lot of good stuff in this episode, all sorts of subtle acting going on to tell the story. The scene in the therapists’s office, going back and forth, for example, was excellent.

  5. Angi
    Angi says:

    Our digital was interrupted by lightning storms, but I was suffering through all the hiccups…right up to the time “SIR” (the Captain)gave the command to have another civilian work with Beckett.

    I have been a very loyal fan but I’m finding myself waiting longer and longer during the week to watch an episode. Lee, you nailed it: Why keep Beckett if she’s no longer solving crimes. The writers are getting very sloppy. They should read your review/blog!


  6. Kourtney Heintz
    Kourtney Heintz says:

    Given how Castle’s mom stressed it’s been a while of him not dating, I thought his reaction to Serena was on target. He doesn’t know that Beckett remembers his confession of love. He’s waited around for what seems like months and his entire social life ground to a halt. You can’t live in limbo like that. It’s not healthy. Yes, he loves Beckett, but that love appears to be unrequited. So when a gorgeous, vibrant, sexy woman comes along, he’s going to be distracted. I thought it was very realistic.

    I’m also getting a little tired of the cat-and-mouse. It took so long for each to realize their feelings for the other. But the not moving forward is getting annyoying.

  7. Elaine Splaver Abramson
    Elaine Splaver Abramson says:

    Everyone talks about the FBI Art Theft Team, what about IFAR, the lost and stolen art registrar? With IFAR based in NYC it makes more sence to register stolen art with an organization that insurance companies, appraisers, museums, and the police use. As for Serena, the insurance agent, if she worked for a company the company would pay her a salary or a percentage of the recovery fee but it would not pay her both a recovery fee and a salary at the same time. If she was receiving a recovery fee, she would most likely be a freelancer. See “Deadly History”, a Susan Goodwin-Earl Deadly Mystery.

  8. Janet
    Janet says:

    Another thing that annoys me about Gates is that she’s always demanding that Beckett and Co. get a confession or arrest somebody, with no regard for whether the suspect is actually guilty. Her rationale in this episode for hurrying up and arresting someone? “I will not have this department publicly humiliated.”

    Worf, on the other hand, is as good a therapist as he was a Klingon.

  9. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    There’s nothing wrong with letting two people talk. Of course, since Serena was acting as an agent of the police, Falco’s statements could not be used against him. No different than if a cop questioned him without advising him of Miranda.

  10. Sally Carpenter
    Sally Carpenter says:

    Gates has got to go. First she orders Beckett to work with Serena, then Gates orders Beckett to arrest the lady! That means Gates was wrong in ordering the cooperation in the first place.
    Speaking of Serena, is a civilian allowed to talk to a suspect in a police briefing room? And since no cops were present, can anything Falco say be used against him? Without a cop, it’s not an actual interregation, is it?
    Much better episode and lots of funny banter, but the writers are letting the mystery plotting go in exchange for the relationships. Finding the killer is such a let down. After the police run around in all directions for an hour, the murderer’s been sitting in their lap since the first commercial break. Let’s have some real deduction and suspense.

  11. Edie Ramer
    Edie Ramer says:

    Too funny about Castle’s mother running the place. I’d certainly like her better than the new captain. I did enjoy this episode a lot more than last week’s, which to me was not well done, including some overacting. This one was just more fun.

  12. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Nancy – You’re right, Beckett is no longer the tough-as-nails female detective we once had the pleasure of watching kick butt every week. In the good old days, we saw Beckett stand toe-to-toe with the baddest of the bad, all while managing to maintain her femininity. Now, it seems as if she’s heading down the road to Wimpyville, a quality that’s not all that attractive.

    And, that’s why I added the bit about the FBI, hoping a writer would find it useful.

  13. Nancy Sweetland
    Nancy Sweetland says:

    I agree that Beckett is getting left in the dust – hope the writers pick up on that soon. Right now she’s a little too wimpy to be the kind of woman Rick would (shoud?) stick with. Thanks, Lee, for the info about the FBI art division(s)- food for thought.

  14. Lenora Worth
    Lenora Worth says:

    I have to admit I wanted to slap Castle on the back of his head the way Gibbs does people on NCIS, but then this is Castle. He did discuss the possibility of seeing the insurance lady with his mother. I was suprised his daughter didn’t come in and tell him he’d be stupid to do that! I liked that the insurance investigator used to be a thief. That made her interesting. But I was also very happy that she and Castle both decided it wouldn’t work between them. Or at least, she did! I think the writers brought her in to add to the tension. Castle can’t wait forever!

  15. Lee Lofland
    Lee Lofland says:

    Melanie – Don’t we, the audience, deserve to see good episodes each and every week, not just during sweeps week? That’s the way TV used to be. And that’s the way writers write, giving their best effort on each and every page.

  16. Melanie Atkins
    Melanie Atkins says:

    Letic, I agree with you. Moonlighting failed b/c there was a writers’ strike that year, and the two leads never got along. NOT b/c they got together. There have been plenty of shows that worked with couples.

    I’m waiting until the episode after next, called Cops and Robbers. If the pics are any indication, it’s going to be a great episode — complete with some special Rick-Kate interaction involving wine.

    They always save their best episodes for sweeps, you know. And November IS coming up…

  17. Gloria Clover
    Gloria Clover says:

    Just my take, but I don’t think Kate was handing Castle over to the insurance agent when they had their talk there at the end of the episode. I think Kate was doing the woman-in-love thing that doesn’t let us allow others to think badly of our man. Kate wanted Serena to know that Castle was honorable. And I thought that was honorable on Kate’s part. Then for Serena to turn around and be honorable as well, “I told you I don’t steal other people’s stuff” was fun and a great ending.

    Yes, Kate was cutting Rick free to make his own decisions, but that was a respect thing, too. Sometimes even tv characters can be grown ups for a moment.

  18. Letic
    Letic says:

    oh boy, enough of this Moonlighting thing, with all due respect, that show was on centuries ago and there’re a lot of examples of shows who made things work after ppl got together. I know Stana is on my team here…
    Anyhow, I support putting Martha to run the department, that’d be fun!

  19. Pat Brown
    Pat Brown says:

    I think the main reason they’re slow resolving their relationship is the loss of tension. Anyone remember Moonlighting? That show dripped romantic tension… until the two got together. I think the show was canceled soon after. If not it definitely lost its fire. That’s probably what the producers are afraid of here

  20. alexmathayes
    alexmathayes says:

    this is what I got from the entire episode

    Beckett is turning out to be a character who will not move ahead with her relationship with castle and will not even let him move on. Honestly its getting tired, frustrating and pathetic.

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