Bouchercon: Throwback Thursday



Bouchercon, THE largest annual mystery party convention in the world kicks off today in California. It’s the place where writers and fans come together for an entire weekend. It’s also the place where writers connect and re-connect with their good friends and fellow authors. In short, it’s a blast! So is this brief Throwback Thursday collection of photos of your favorite authors, taken at a Bouchercon of the past, one that has long been a fixture in the history books.

How many of these smiling faces do you recognize?


It was a great year. In fact, here’s a rack of books containing the award nominees for that year. Notice the book on the far right of the third shelf from the bottom.

And with that, here’s the final photo taken before the curtain fell on a fabulous weekend.


Alafair Burke politely listening to me ramble on and on, and on, and on, and…