Castle: The Time of Our Lives – A Good Cop/Bad Wedding Photographer Review

Castle: The time of our lives

This week it was all about the relationship—the show Melanie has been clamoring to see. Therefore, in honor of her pitter-pattering, lovestruck heart, I’m switching hats…from bad cop to bad wedding photographer. This one’s all you, Melanie.

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Melanie Atkins

Finally. After years of will they, won’t they, and even should they, plus all kinds of other wild speculation, Kate and Rick… Castle and Beckett… finally tied the knot! I laughed, I cried, and I couldn’t stop smiling. When they said their vows, you could probably hear me squealing way out in California, Lee. They wowed me.

I adored the episode, even the alternate universe (AU) parts, even though I had prepared myself to despise all of it until the happy couple said I do. Normally, I don’t like dream episodes. Another Castle fan I texted with during the show didn’t buy the concept at all. She thought the dream idea was lazy writing. I usually feel that way, but this time I bought it, hook, line, and sinker. Partly because I just wanted to, and because I’d read enough spoilers to give me the basic plotline, but mainly because Nathan Fillion did such a fabulous job of selling Rick’s love for Kate, no matter what world he was in.

I simply found Rick’s fight to get back to Kate — his Kate — too endearing. Never mind the craziness that was Rick sniffing the corpse at the beginning of the show and recognizing the scent of coal, which of course took them to the coal plant. Not believable at all, but I chose to suspend my disbelief and buy into the whole story.

I’m so glad I did, because the AU part made the wedding even more special. Such a beautiful setting, and the vows… wow. Loved them even more when I learned Terri Edda Miller, Andrew Marlowe’s wife, who penned the episode, used “the time of their lives” from their own vows. Amazing. I had tears in my eyes. I’m so glad Kate’s dad was there, and that the writers included Rick and Kate’s song. Thanks so much for the continuity!


One thing that did bother me, however, was the toast while Rick and Kate were dancing. Did Jim drink champagne?


He’s an alcoholic, a point that’s been driven home over the entire course of the show, so if he did, that was a major goof. Anybody else catch that? Oops!


Even still, all in all, I loved the Caskett wedding. Finally, Rick and Kate are together… for always. I can’t wait until next week’s show, the quasi-honeymoon at the dude ranch. I have a feeling it’s going to be hilarious.


Lee Lofland

Before we close, I do want to mention some of my favorite lines from the episode.

1. “Why do you always have to touch everything?” ~ Beckett to Castle when he set off the big chain reaction by touching the artifact.

2. “I thought you liked that about me.” ~ Castle’s response to Becketts question (above).

3. “Stay in the car, or I shoot you.” ~ Esposito to Castle.

4. “That kind of IS my best behavior.” ~ Castle to Beckett following her remark about his persistent bad behavior while in the parallel world.

*     *     *

To those who served, and to those who still serve, we are forever grateful for the sacrifices you and your families have endured for us.

Thank you.