Ask An Agent

Lee Lofland

On Wednesday May 7 our guest blogger will be literary agent Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown LTD.

Nathan has requested to receive questions in advance of his post. If you’d like to submit a question you can do it here in the comments section, or you can send it to me at and I’ll forward it to Nathan.

Weekend Road Trip will return next weekend

Monday – Author/Police Officer Robin Burcell

Tuesday – Jane Friedman of Writers Digest Books

The Graveyard Shift is temporarily out of order. We’re experiencing some weird technical difficulties. We hope to have the issues resolved before Monday morning. Thanks for your patience.


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  1. D. Swords
    D. Swords says:

    Question for Nathan,

    Do most agents read query letters, or are most queries first read by an agent’s assitant, thus filtering outmany of the letters?

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