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25 Librairies Pinterest
Everyone seems to flock toward Pinterest these days, delighted by its numerous boards allowing them to bookmark Internet ephemera they find valuable and worth sharing. Numerous libraries — be they specialty, public, or affiliated with a school — have harnessed its popularity to push education and literacy causes to the digital generation.Such a strategy thankfully seems to be succeeding swimmingly. Some of the best-curated Pinterest accounts out there fuse old and new into a spectacularly informative feast for the mind. And sometimes gullet, for those who enjoy posting links to edible crafts.

  1. New York Public Library:

    By this point, the New York Public Library serves as far more than a repository of bookish delights. It also happens to be a wonderful museum of American culture, a status reflected in the eclectic pins it presents.

  2. New York Public Library Art and Picture Collection:

    NYPL hosts two Pinterest accounts, with the second one showcasing its extensive holdings regarding art and design across the decades. The boards cover a nicely broad swath of mediums, from two-dimensional digital images to classic films, and celebrate culture’s myriad faces.

  3. Biblioteca UPM:

    With 32 boards and 867 pins to explore, the Universidad Politencia de Madrid offers Pinterest enthusiasts and bibliophiles hours of joy. Content spans more than just bookish subjects, with lots of history and research tips available in both English and Spanish.

  4. Fullerton Public Library:

    One doesn’t have to live in Fullerton, Calif., to love and learn from its Pinterest presence. While some content will only pique the interest of locals, its photos and book recommendations are sure to pique a remote user’s attentions.

  5. ICE Library:

    The Institute of Civil Engineers in London shares its archives with Pinterest users with a jones for history, design, and other relevant subjects. Browse its boards chock full of education materials straight from its archives as well as engineering feats members find inspiring.

  6. Rice Library:

    Presented by the David L. Rice Library at University of Southern Indiana, this account shares its new holdings, participates in “What are You Reading?,” provides links to e-books, and plenty more. Stop here to scope out some intriguing infographics and score advice on what to check out either here or at another library.

  7. Harris County Public Library:

    One of the coolest features of this Houston-based library system’s Pinterest is its “Book of the Day,” which showcases recommended reads from across genres, mediums, and author backgrounds. It also hosts boards with even more specialized suggestions and even craft instructions — among others, of course!

  8. Scribner Library:

    When looking for advice on which graphic novels and nonfiction books and movies about sustainability need a little look-see, head to this site by Skidmore College. The institution’s museums and faculty publications are also available for those interested in learning more about the school.

  9. Oakland Library TeenZone:

    Young adult audiences are quite the hot commodity these days, and libraries the world over are clamoring to meet their needs while still keeping them learning. When looking for inspiration about multimedia treats to offer up local teens, this Pinterest account might very well prove one of the most valuable resources.

  10. Penguin Library:

    Beloved book publishers Penguin show off their English Library series, which prints 100 of the most groundbreaking, notable reads in the language. Though not a library in the traditional sense, it still makes for a fabulous Pinterest account to follow for Angliophile readers.

  11. UNLV Architecture Studies Library:

    Another specialized library, this time zeroing in on books and other resources regarding architectural basics and wonders. Both interiors and exteriors are on display here as well, making it a great Pinterest for a broader audience.

  12. Birmingham Public Library:

    Alabama’s Birmingham Public Library carries its educational aims into the digital sphere, with boards focusing on history, crafts, film, and other not-book subjects. However, there’s certainly plenty for bibliophiles to love and enjoy as well, especially a nice long list of recommended reads.

  13. San Francisco Public Library:

    Multimedia buffs will absolutely adore how San Francisco’s libraries are using Pinterest to show off their impressive photo and history collections. Be sure to check out its painstaking list of books set in the city as well as reviews of its Bay Reads Books series!

  14. Grimshaw Library:

    Few libraries digitally merge crafts and books with the deft skill of this Alberta-based institution, whose boards mainly focus on projects to do at home and at Grimshaw itself. Parents with kids at home for the summer will especially appreciate the suggestions they so helpfully post.

  15. Donors Forum Library:

    Like its name implies, the Donors Forum Library mainly collects and shares books related to philanthropic and charitable efforts. Every month, it shares its latest additions for visitors either wanting to drop by or pick up suggestions about what to read next.

  16. California State Library:

    History buffs head here to delve into resources pertaining to California’s colorful and unique history through a variety of different media — especially photos! California State Library also keeps its followers informed about the state’s different grant projects currently underway.

  17. American Libraries Magazine – ALA:

    Why follow just one location when the American Library Association’s official periodical makes it easy to keep track of so many at once? Cinematic fanatics will definitely appreciate its updates on the National Film Registry, and the Ask the ALA Librarian feature answers some of the most pressing, popular questions about running and getting the most out of these amazing institutions.

  18. O’Fallon Public Library:

    O’Fallon, Illinois’ passionate gaggle of librarians, share what they think readers of different tastes might enjoy . More disciplined fans might like to follow along with their summer reading series for both kids and adults.

  19. CTR Library UTAustin:

    Transportation enthusiasts could easily lose hours browsing these carefully curated boards presented by University of Texas’ Center for Transportation Library. Almost 460 pins (at the time of this writing) are available for anyone wanting to learn anything about the history of people getting from Point A to Point B.

  20. Sacramento Public Library:

    Sacramento Public Library keeps things fun and relevant, with book lists corresponding to upcoming holidays and designated months. As with many libraries on Pinterest, it also loves sharing inspiring crafts and photos, along with a staggeringly long general compilation of what patrons should pick up next.

  21. SCPL Teens:

    From Spartanburg, S.C., comes a Pinterest board wholly devoted to keeping teens occupied with healthy, skill-building activities. Pretty much all of them, for those paying attention, involve crafts of some sort the Youth Of Today can do at home or during relevant library events.

  22. IArtLibraries:

    Art and literature go together like art and literature, and visitors to this Pinterest can stock up on suggestions regarding everything from knitting to typography. It’s an amazing stop for anyone looking to nurse their creativity and meld their love of books with their love of visual expression.

  23. UofL Libraries:

    The librarians at University of Louisville love sharing the books and movies they think the student population might love, though their pins certainly transcend the Cardinal population! While their photograph collection has yet to even hit 10, it will still fascinate anyone who finds history scintillating.

  24. Mid Continent Public Library:

    Pinterest users wanting to follow the latest bestsellers, snag some craft instructions, read what librarians recommend, and other hallmarks of visiting the local library will love this account. It’s incredibly comfortable and cozy — or at least as comfortable and cozy as digital spaces can get.

  25. Awful Library Books:

    OK, so it’s a digital library and blog rather than a brick-and-mortar deal, but Awful Library Books still merits reading. It showcases hilariously terrible design work and titles from bookshelves past, though you probably already figured that one out.

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