2008: A Photographic Visit With Friends and Family



One really bright ray of sunshine in what was a pretty dismal year was all the wonderful friends who stopped by The Graveyard Shift. May 2009 be kind to you all. Thanks to each of you.

Chris Grabenstein

My brother (the one on the right).

Michelle Gagnon

Kate Flora

Jessa Nicholson

Eleanor Cummings

Yvonne Mason

Jane Friedman

FBI Special Agent Clint Van Zandt

Denene Lofland

Alison Gaylin

Lt. Dave Swords

Hallie Ephron

Michele Martinez, Judge Ken Freeman, Me, and Lee Child

Hallie Ephron, Jan Burke, and me

Me and Lori Lake

Me, Chris Reich, DP Lyle, MD, and Tod Goldberg

SJ Rozan and me

Chris Grabenstein and Rebecca Drake

The Graveyard Shift’s own Jonathan Hayes with Sgt. Mike Black

Publisher Ben LeRoy

Bill Cameron

Donna Andrews

Lawrence Block

Literary agent/author Lucienne Diver and Hank Phillippi Ryan

Rebecca Drake

*    *    *

To be continued Saturday 1-3-09

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  1. SZ
    SZ says:

    Happy New Year !

    I resolve to read and write, participate in Joyce blog more often, and eat burritos. It is best to stick to as many as you can accomplish !

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