15 Top Reasons For Becoming A Cop

15 top reasons

Everyone has their own personal reasons for choosing their career path. Plumbers want to plumb, pilots want to fly, teachers want to teach and, well, cops…they choose their jobs because…

1. They enjoy being cursed at, spit on, and pummeled by grown men and women, and by smart-alecky kids who believe their purpose in life is to “buck” the system.

2. Your lifelong dream is to drive around in a car that members of the general public have used as a receptacle for their body fluids…all of them.

3. You’ve always wondered if those cool TV ricochet noises are realistic (they’re not).

4. Never having to be home on holidays. Or for birthday parties, baby’s first steps and words, and for your kid’s first solo bike ride.

5. You absolutely love eating greasy fast food between working an automobile crash and a gruesome homicide.

6. Long hours and low pay make you smile.

7. You enjoy bleeding.

8. You’re happiest when worrying about things like living another day.

9. Those cool uniforms, vests, hats, and clunky shoes are so comfortable.

10. It gives you great pleasure knowing that the largest, meanest, nastiest, smelliest, sweatiest man is the bar is always the one you’ll have to arrest.

11. It’s fun having everyone in the entire world telling you how to do your job.

12. There’s nothing better than telling a mother that her child was just killed in an automobile crash.

13. You simply adore knife fights.

14. To see mangled and mutilated human bodies has been at the top of your list since childhood.

15. Pinning a badge to your chest is one of the greatest feelings in the world.



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  1. jennymilch
    jennymilch says:

    Re: #7–doesn’t everybody 😉

    A cop’s life is a tough one. Thanks to all who lead it.

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