10 Reasons To Attend The Writer’s Police Academy

10 Reasons To Attend The Writer's Police Academy

1. It’s the only place on the planet where writers can train at a real police academy with active-duty police academy instructors.

2. There’s a fully-functional, working fire station on the grounds. Instructors offer workshops on arson and firefighting.

3. Weapons experts and police snipers provide in-depth answers to your questions. This is a hands-on event. So yes, you can touch the weapons!

4. Classes on fingerprinting, handcuffing, and other areas of police training are taught in the actual classrooms where police academy recruits receive their training. And, you’ll use the same equipment as the police recruits.

5. You’ll have access to police tools and equipment, including items that aren’t normally available to the public.

6. The WPA features on-site jail cells. Sgt. Catherine Netter instructs WPA recruits on how to properly search the cells for illegal contraband. Sgt. Netter also teaches a fabulous workshop about women in law enforcement.

Is that Jeffery Deaver with the fully automatic rifle? It sure is!

7.  FATS (Firearms Training Simulator) is always a hit! You’ll use real weapons (Sig Sauer and Glock) in shoot/don’t shoot real-time scenarios.

8. Attend workshops taught by some of the top experts in the country – Lt. Josh Moulin, ATF Special Agent Rick McMahan, Alafair Burke, Bill Lanning, Jerry Cooper, Dr. Katherine Ramsland, Dr. Denene Lofland, Dave Pauly, Detective Marco Conelli, Detective Lee Lofland, Lt. Randy Shepherd, the GTCC police academy staff, and many more!

9. Enjoy the company of fellow writers while you learn behind-the-scenes information about police/fire/EMS procedures.

10. Sisters in Crime will pay most of your registration fee!

Sisters in Crime members can attend the Writers’ Police Academy, to be held Sept. 23 to 25, 2011 near Greensboro, North Carolina, for a deeply-discounted registration fee of $100. SinC national will pay the balance of members’ $255 registration.

Act quickly to take advantage of this offer, which is in effect until June 15, 2011.

If you’re not a Sisters in Crime member, you can sign up for a SinC membership to receive the discount. The annual membership fee for a SinC professional membership is $40.

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